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How did you find us?


As part of our efforts to keep the BTA's tinnitus support services up and running, it's helpful to know how you first became aware of the charity or who signposted you to us.

This is particularly useful to our awesome fundraising team when they're making bids for funding rounds to keep the lights on and the phone lines open.

TL:DR version - how did you become aware of the BTA?

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Hi Pat

When I first developed tinnitus six years ago I found the BTA online and eventually became a member. It was the BTA who told me about a local support group which was one of the things that helped me to come to terms with my tinnitus.

Being part of something when you are struggling is so important - knowing that you`re not alone.

Keep up the good work.

Lynne xx

Through Google when I was trying to find out more about tinnitus.

I was given details when I went for a hearing test at my local ear clinic

I found you on healthulocked

I put in google about my SVT and found you there! Your forum has put me at ease many times especially reassurance from others. I thought I was the only sufferer in the world. Thankyou

I found you via Google when looking up information about tinnitus.


When I got T I Googled and looked at several sites and when I saw the BTA I took the Take on T enablement and joined the mailing list. Then when you offered online support groups due to Covid then I got more involved and have since joined the BTA and try to do everything to support you (help on expo. befrinder, Amazon Smile, etc.) as you have helped me manage my T so much, youre GREAT.



Hello I have suffered from Tinnitus as long as I can remember. I used to volunteer for the BTA a few years ago and now I have come back, thanks to Emily Ducker who I know for a long time.

I had my DBS check (in process) and I will be volunteering online with support group, hopefully, when I get my training.

I am glad to be back

I found you through HealthUnlocked from being on various other forums

Like others I found the BTA via Google. I think I was directed initially to the Take on Tinnitus site - found it useful and decided to become a member. The advice from BTA and this forum has helped me a lot. Keep up the excellent work!

Respectfully submitted,


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