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Bose sleepbuds 2


These look interesting....expensive but should help with tinnitus and sleep. Anyone tried the first version?

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Wearing any kind of anything that goes in your ear at night can be harmful to your ears need to Breathe and feel the air also any sound needs to be so your Tinnitus can be heard over any sounds you play through these ear buds also if you have any in the ear like earphones can make your ears sweat causing fluid to accumulate in your ears causing ear infections so personally I wouldn't pay the price for any in the ear phones .

Good case for not getting them 👍🏻

I have been using Sleepbuds since the product first hit the European market and find them invaluable. Despite a product recall, I refused to relinquish mine and continued to use them until a software update prevented charging and Bose then replaced them. I will continue to use the first version as long as they function.

The buds are not marketed as a tinnitus help, merely to aid sleep by blocking out distracting sounds. They don't mask my tinnitus completely, but they take the edge off and enable me to sleep. They are comfortable, stay in the ear (no searching round the bed in the morning), the volume is easily adjusted (I keep it on low), and there are several sounds to choose from. The sound library is still, to my mind, somewhat limited. Perhaps version II has more to choose from!

Using the buds, I've never had issues with ear infections.

Hello, can you please tell me where can you buy them? I have used in the past a Sound Therapy System called Oasis but it needs to be connected to a mains and I find there is a limited number of sounds.

I don't use it anymore

OlwenJ in reply to blades83

I don't think the Noisemasking Sleepbuds version II are in the shops yet. I received a marketing mail which says the new version is available to pre-order from my regional Bose website (delivery after mid-October in Europe). The buds are pricey, so perhaps check out your regional Bose website for further information. The buds are marketed as giving you a good night's sleep and not as a tinnitus aid.

I tried the first ones. They couldn't play loud enough to mask my Tinnitus. I use a pair of JBL earbuds that are small enough to allow me to lie on my side. I use a mixture of water sounds.

I used the first generation. They are unlike standard ear buds and comfortable overnight. They helped but I prefer a wider variety of sounds

TL10 in reply to ducdaddy

The new version comes with an app with loads of sounds supposedly although I’m not sure how many

The first version did too and it was a pleasant choice. But only Bose provided sounds.

I’ve had the T since the beginning of 2019 and it hit me for 6. Tried everything and anything, visited numerous clinics and eventually accepted that it ain’t going to go away anytime soon. At the beginning I resorted to sounds played through a headband for sleep purposes. They worked quite well but were sweaty to wear. It took me a couple of months to find the Bose Sleepbuds and thank goodness I did cos I can honestly say I sleep like a proverbial log! I sent my original set back a couple of times as the in-built batteries kept failing but Bose were very efficient at replacing the buds for new sets. The battery problem caused Bose to eventually withdraw the first version of the Buds but module number 2 is on its way in the middle of this month. They’re expensive but in my opinion well worth it for a good nights sleep. I wish you well.

Thank you for your post. I will be buying some 100%. I had the headband headphones as well and I agree way too hot so these sleepbuds sound great. There’s cheaper versions from other companies out there but I think it’s worth paying a bit extra for Bose as they are a quality brand

Mikkitin in reply to TL10

For me definitely. I actually have two sets of model number 1 just in case I have to return one for replacing. A good nights sleep cannot be beaten as it sets you up for the days battle against the T. Just to confirm I haven’t had any ear infections since I’ve been using them. Good luck.