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Strange sounds in your ear as you fall asleep


Hey guys!

I have a rather interesting question. Who here has experienced random loud noises in their ear as they are falling asleep. This has been happening lately. It's causing me a lot of anxiety and fear. It makes me afraid to actually fall asleep

I've had tinnitus for 5 months and it hasn't been easy. The past three weeks has been hellish. I know tinnitus has its ups and downs but this is by far different.

I could use some advice and positivity.

Thanks everyone

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Hello, Toronto42, yes I've had these loud noises before falling asleep. It first happened to me about 25 years ago - long before I had tinnitus - and it sounded like a truck driving through my head! I agree, it is scary. The other day I had a loud explosion sound, which was new! Anyhow, I've realised it only happens if I lay on my left side, so I try not to!


I too experience these sudden out of nowhere noises while fallen asleep

I hate it ! It’s all part of the dreadful

Condition we call Tinnitus. I cannot even explain this to my doctor he just don’t

Understand what’s going on !

But this is with us and we have to learn how to deal with it and not let it run our lives that’s the hardest part excepting we have it for life !!

Best of luck !!!


Hi, it is quite rare but it is called ‘exploding head syndrome’. It Makes you jump out of your skin as you are falling asleep. It can go as quick as it comes. I work for neurologists so have learnt this from them! It’s not dangerous but just annoying!

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I have this happen to me too always, do you have any advice, from the neurologist? any cures? haha.

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I’ll find out and let you know!

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OMG! I get this too, it's totally random and so damn scary. Thought I must be going crazy, so even though I don't have any words of wisdom I'm so grateful to have seen your post.

Hello Toronto42, Sorry your going through this too. I notice that the ringing is much louder when our stress and anxiety is elevated, but being in a quite room is most annoying even if I am relaxed at night. I guess try not to get to focus on the ringing. Sometimes that can be very hard too. Listen to relaxing, meditation sounds, white noise what ever is to your liking. I have ringing in both my ears almost 2 years. Yes at night when i'm ready to go to sleep or in the morning when I'm ready to get up from bed. I hear ringing and like someone turns the volume up then down. Its very irritating sometimes it make me jump, but I try not to bother me. My Dr. told there is no cure, only gave me ways to cope. He told me he can refer me to an ENT but he said most times they cant help, That's pretty sad to hear that from a Dr. So I decided to go see one. I did a hearing test, MRI, VNG test all negative. He said nothing he can do only gave me coping skills, again pretty sad. I think I got tinnitus from long term chronic stress, I got a little ear infection, dental work around that time too. I think it has something to do with nervous system and stress. I read that changing to a very healthy diet, doing a gut detox, getting out any toxic and metals in our body will help with our tinnitus which that may take months. I'm trying to look into ways to minimize the ringing in natural ways. Good luck and God bless.

Marc787, I concur. The key is to not add any stress or fear. Letting go will bring huge rewards

Hayley xx

Hello, Toronto 42, I too get these loud zapps, that last for seconds, and frighten me to death, had a loud one, before T set in , a few months back, it was like a bullet going thro my brain.

Glad ie seen you’re post, even tho it’s 6 months later.

Drs and ENT , just don’t seem to get it.

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