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Long time Tinnitus


Hi all

Just found this forum and thought I would introduce myself, I have had tinnitus for over 35 years and until recently having just had a hearing test I did not know that they did hearing aids with help for tinnitus built in,my audiologist told me that I had trouble with the higher frequencies (the wife's voice) although I kept telling her that she was mumbling but I knew my hearing was getting worse.

I don't know if the tinnitus is from explosive devices when in the army or lots of years in a noisy vehicle bodyshop, my tinnitus most of the time is like steam escaping from a pressure cooker and to a certain extent I get used to it but not that much (worse if I have been in an environment with a constant noise like driving) but when the tone changes which is quite often it is really annoying although it always changes back.

I am looking forward to having my hearing aids to hopefully hear better and hopefully lessen my tinnitus will update when I have them.

Also they are very small RIC I think and connect to android phone via bluetooth, I remember my dad NHS aids they were like small bricks behind his ears and every time he removed them they whistled.


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my tinnitus sounds much the same

They are superb, i've had mine 3 months and like you tinnitus for 37 years...im loving them give you a break from the screaming then you relax, amazingly when i take them out i think i've got them in & pay little attention to it.

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Hi marc1974

I will update when I have them,I hope they help me like they obviously do you.

Hello and welcome.

I have nhs hearing aids but they are set to play two different noises. White noise and brown noise. I can press a small button and flick between the two.

It seems to be a lottery as to who gets issued with them. They are a godsend and allows me to get some respite.

I hope you find this site useful.

35 years is s long time so you will have lot of experiences to share

Wishing you peace and quiet


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It looks like they are going to stop NHS hearing aids,anyway my doctor said they only supply standard hearing aids in Warwickshire so I had to bite the bullet and buy my own although I have not got them yet,I just hope I can get used to them.

I have the hearing aids with in built masking sounds and I chose the pink noise over the white noise. These aids were issued to me 6 months ago and I’ve enjoyed using them as they do dumb down the constant irritating sounds from my T. It’s winter now so I don’t get out for walks as often as I did over the summer but doing other activities at home like listening to the radio and keeping busy playing silent computer games all help to distract me. I listen to sounds from apps at night when the hearing aids aren’t worn in bed. I hope that you can get same sort of relief as me. Lots of good luck!

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Not sure what white brown or pink noise is as I didn't know sound was colour coded.

By the by I like your user name.

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Ha ha Hissingsid is what I call my tinnitus sound as it’s like air being released in a leak from a pressure pipe. I heard this sound while working with pneumatic machines in local dockyard for 22 years. Noises of caulkers, riveters and drillers is what I blame as source of my tinnitus. White noise is sound call centres use to drown out people swearing and being abusive to their calls. It’s a bit like radio waves when out of frequency between stations. My pink noise is like a release of air noise pitched just below my tinnitus sounds. It’s helpful but doesn’t silence it outright but kind of lessens the irritation. I’m not sure about the brown noise as I only had option of white or pink.


Hello and welcome to the British Tinnitus Association forum. Do feel free to ask any questions, I hope that you find this a helpful and supportive place to help you manage your tinnitus.

We have some resources that you might like to check out in addition to our home here:



Helpline 0800 018 0527 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) (outside the UK you can call +44 (0)114 250 9922)

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager

I like to ask you a question for a person who had has tinnitus for 35 years how do you deal with the spikes. I have hearing aids with sound in it but sometime this Spike is so bad it's hard to deal with it.

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ok the best method of dealing with tinnitus & spike is your reactions & emotions to it...

yes they are real but it gets better, our anxiety and stress feeds attention to tinnitus & most certainly stress makes it worse..round in a big circle we go....i have lived on the stress side of life for years been ruined with tinnitus....but i now practice mindfulness, meditation & have been to cbt therapy for a while, the cbt put me on track to the rest, sometimes it really does test me but i find calm i let it be tinnitus not anxiety, fear, catastrophe.. julian cowan hill is great, see simon baker for a chill if you can.. mine is loud at the moment but it can be i let it be..

Thanks for reply s

Freddy17 I find the spikes as you call them very annoying although mine is more of a change of tone and the only thing that helps me is classical soft music usually through headphones, but the change of tone usually only last between 10 minutes to several hours and it always changes back to the steam escaping, I hope the new hearing aids help they are the latest Phonak marvel but they are not cheap.

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Thank you very much for replying thank you.

Hello again. Pink noise, brown noise, white noise. Such a choice. They all sound a bit like a radio between stations but more of one frequency than another. Sometimes the brown noise is more soothing than the white. Sometimes the other way around.

One audioligist told me they would not help me and that i could not have them. The ent doctor then said that i should have them as they may help me. She said that even if it helped 1% then that would be good. Two people with very different views on compassion.

They are not a t removal but provide some relief and i can at least watch telly for a while in the evening.

Good luck on your journey.

Happy Christmas


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