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Depressed with tinnitus, feeling so low

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Hi everyone. My tinnitus has spiked massively recently following an ear infection. It has steadily got worse over the past 2 weeks. It seems to get worse when hearing loudish sounds as well. I’ve been so panicky over the last few days, barely getting any sleep (despite using white noise sounds) and having severe panic attacks and feelings of hopelessness. I keep telling myself that it wlll get better and pass, but I’m terrified that I’m stuck like this forever. I’m now worried it’s going to affect my work and social life, such is it’s intrusiveness. My family keeps trying to reassure me but since they’ve never had it, they can’t relate.

I’ve been to the doctor’s today and they’ve prescribed me some Mirtazapine to help me sleep and combat some of the anxiety symptoms. I’m trying not to moan about this but it’s the worst I’ve ever felt with the condition. Will it get better? Either through habituation or the natural course of things? I’m at such a low ebb. Sometimes I can’t see a way forward, but I’m reaching out because everyone on here is so kind and supportive and I feel it’s the only place I am fully understood.

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Hello BC08, T is such a complex and difficult condition to live with day in and day out. I sincerely hope you will start to feel better before too long. I am starting to fin the long dark nights are not helping me, I just keep looking forward to the summer when I can be outside and have doors and windows open.

One of the best things for me has been listening to other people and hearing how they cope. There is absolutely no doubt that attitude has a massive part to play in dealing with T, but being on a constant positive swing is not always that easy, even if you tend to be positive asa personanyway.

I hope you will be on the upward swing soon and there will always be someone on here with time to listen and encourage.

Take care, Cxx

Thanks so much Curlew. This forum is a lifesaver.

Remember, this forums always open 😁👍

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Jdaniel123 in reply to Curlew

I noticed you mentioned being outside. I havent had T very long but i have noticed that it seems to be better when i am outside. Have no clue why.

Hi Blue,

Your T has spiked but you do have a definate reason for it, in the ear infection which I believe are notoriously long in healing.

What seems to be apparent is that some of us go through a major panic that initially or when we experience any change to our T which we have come to accept. It's a common and normal process to go through...however at this plateau of anxiety our brains blow everything out of complete proportion. Give you meds time to work, which will hopefully get you some breathing space and back on an even keel.

With any luck by the time you have, the infection will have cleared and you can get back to your old normal.

Its easier said than done but allow yourself some time and do all you can to calm your nervous system. Anxiety really does fuel the T fire....recognise your anxious and allow yourself some time to deal with that first.

Im sure you get through this and Im willing you the strength to do so.

Take care.


It’s ok to moan lol we all have the common factor here and that is T I been suffering for 2 years and all the remedy’s I have tried anti depressants are the best even tho some people don’t like to utter that word I was on low dosages of Aprazolam

.025 twice a day and it helped a lot

Now I am taking CBD Oil drops 1500 Mg

Twice a day and the T has gone down in volume where I can go on with a normal life. Hope this helps in some way.

Hang in there it gets better! If not the T

You will get better in accepting this awful



Hi there, do you really think the cbd oil did the trick? I've been toying with idea for a while, mainly for my overall health issues and for my mum who is struggling with anxiety and chronic pain. She's 78. What do you think?.x


Yes it is also great for anxiety and is harmless and does not have any THC

So you do not Get High from it.

Like I said get 100% pure Hemp oil which is CBD and try and a MG of at least 1500 Mgs in liquid drops! Do not get the capsules for they don’t work as fast. Good luck I wish you the best


Thank you. I really appreciate the advice x

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1Dar in reply to dsh2358

Hi , I along with Hayley am curious about the cbd oil drops . Are you able to function okay on them and are they reasonably easy to get? I don’t know much about them , but if it works that would be great

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dsh2358 in reply to 1Dar


Yes CBD does not get you high at all

You can order it online I am from the USA so I don’t know the laws where you are but yes it worked for me. Try and get

At least 1500 Mg drops and again it does not get you high at all . Good luck !!!


I believe shellipops reply is spot on 👍x

I know how hard it is not to panic because I`ve been there. I believe it can sometimes take a while for our ears to get back to normal after an ear infection. Try to hang in there and hopefully things will improve.


Just a quick note. I am on 30mg of mirtazapine and it does help me sleep. It took about two weeks to start to work.

Hi how are you today u hope you are bearing up I know what you going through I had loads of ear infectious and for me it definitely worse when I have them the volume goes up I do hope you are managing a lot of us are suffering from this 24 7 ringing and other sounds my heart goes out to all who have to put up with this I am staying possative hoping to hear of a cure which I would gla pass on to everyone hang in thare thare are great people on hear who will give you surport

Hi Robert, I’m not too bad thanks, thank you for asking!

A lot had happened over the past 6 months for me with my T. Unfortunately the tinnitus has not gone away, but I am becoming more accepting of it now. I am slowly finding ways to cope with it - when I am at work I cannot hear it as the ambient sound of my workplace masks it - going to work has become a way of me finding some solace from my tinnitus!

It is worse when I am home and I am in rooms with not much background noise. However, several times now I have managed to tune it out for a few hours at a time - slowly but surely I am habituating, but it is a case of two steps forward one step back right now. I still have very bad days, I have been through awful depression with tinnitus but I am

hopeful for the future. I have actually found that avoiding forums like these help me - don’t get me wrong, the people on here are struggling and I recognise the need to vent after a bad day with T, but some of the negativity influenced my way of thinking and hindered my habituation process.

I have attended a tinnitus clinic at my local hospital and they are going to get me some wearable maskers. Additionally through my GP, I am on a waiting list for some CBT sessions which I think will help me massively. I hope you are feeling ok with your T, keep fighting the fight. I truly believe that a cure for this thing is only 10 or 15 years away possibly. Within many of our lifetimes I think it will be cured. But for now, just keep loving life as much as you can - there’a nothing to be gained from wallowing in misery, as much as we feel like it at times.

All the best.


Hiya so happy that you are coping and found some way of lower the sound at work if you ever need to chat your be more than welcome it's a night time mine I really notice when I am trying to sleep my fans i run at night do help I do hope you be OK

Hope all is ok now

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