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Sound worse after day out


Went to age uk today there was a lot of talking going on then bingo being called out using a Mike by to time I got back to my flat my tinnitus levels were really loud they’re still high now and I am having trouble hearing the tv just hope the levels will go down soon will try mindfulness meditation before I go to bed hope it work as I have been trying it every day for about two years now but just can’t get it to work have even been on a course has any body tried it and if so has it worked


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Hi Joeb17 do you have hearing aids with masking sounds? If not then I suggest you do get them as I find them helpful to distract me from my tinnitus sounds.

Joeb17 in reply to HissingSid

Yes I do am using just with the masking sounds as I find the hearing aids are setting of the tinnitus levels and I’d rather be a bit deaf than have high tinnitus levels

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