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Spikes spikes spikes!!!!


Hi everyone

My first post was only last week but these last few days my tinnitus as got louder and louder and louder and is unbearable never been this high pitched ringing and buzzing before. i always thought i had it bad and loud but this is new extreme and not settling and so scared this is my new tinnitus.i cant distract my mind and im wearing white noise generators which i got years ago in like 2010 but hopefully getting some updated ones next week.does anyone else use them??i just cant believe that over last few days is got louder and louder and yes im very anxious with it which is prob adding to it but i cant help it i cant relax when its so bad ans both ears have never rung this crazy or high before x

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Oh dear R, I'm sorry you are struggling at the moment. A lot of people seem to be struggling. My T is horrendous too and has been constantly for 15 months without a single break. The thing is you will get better, it's just a case of keeping busy and trying to divert your attention, but you don't need me to tell you that.

I used hearing aids with the sound of waves at firs, I have no significant hearing loss, but actually I didn't like them I felt it was just more noise on noise. I know a few people feel this way whilst others find them helpfull.

The point is, sadly, that no matter how loud, intense or severe our t is the human brain is an amazing thing and it is just that, amazing, that eventually no matter how bad it is we get used to it.

You will get back to where you were before it might just take a little time.

Keep busy and look after yourself.

As I've said before, your not alone.

I have the white noise maskers in my hearing aids and I find them useful as a distraction to my T. These hearing aids were given to me by NHS audiologist in June this year so maybe you need your aids updated. Good luck!

Thank you both for your replies im struggling so much its spiking and flaring everyday and unbearably loud and even with white noise generators i can still hear my tinnitus its that bad n loud!!!

I see audiologist specialist in nottingham tues for 2nd time to get some more generators hopefully they will be lot more modernized

My tinnitus as never changed daily before and all this week just got louder and louder and its so awful and frustrating and i comfort eat so gained weight too

Iv also had a habit quite long time (much before this flare) but i hiss nearly 24/7 just to try have different sound from tinnitus.im like a snake lol but doing it altime now but tinnitus is unbearable now and dont know how ill cope if its my new tinnitus!!!


i hope it goes well on Tuesday - pleased Nottingham have finally got a good audiologist , I've been to Kings Mill to find a good one. Well worth the journey . Nottingham is a long way behind other areas unfortunately for NHS therapy/ support . I wish you well.

Hi r,I'v been having the same problem as you mines has gotten louder all week.hissing 24/7 and a sound in right ear that sounds like a batteries dying in a alarm.went to the doctor on Thursday and told him t has got worse since I got back from holiday,he looked in the ears and said there is fluid behind the ear drum on both ears and he said is causing my tinnitus to go up.i got decongestants to see if it will sort if not he said to go straight back.if I would of known this I wouldn't have went on holiday because this is awful. Hopefully yours will settle. Thanks Michael

hi. Just afew weeks ago I was in shops and sweating badly and just wanted out as ny T was so loud!!!! even with the white noise on!!!!!!!!!! but after keeping gpoing and walking out th shop it did drop down( not much) and I just tried to get on woth distracting my brain. The white noise helps but I dont use it much unless T is really loud as im trying to habituate to it Today for example my T is loud maybe as I played yesterday but even with ear plugs its loud the next day,, and that was after I managed to get it down for 2 days!!!!!!!!!!! T is so unpredictable I dont think the so called experts know about it either. The aids I have are tuned to a lot of top end and they have white noise but only at 1 volume and sometimes my T is louder than the white noise!!! my old aids had volume control on the noise as well as the mic for hearing but I was told on Friday that these ones are better and try and stick with them, I know what your going through though DEF! been there many many times and sad to say you have to try and control yourself with it and think differently. im attebnding a psychologist AGAIN, for soe klind of therapy c.b.t I hear about it all the time but I still don't know what it is.It wont stop the noise but its supposed to make you think about it differently . All o want is the noise to stop then I can get my life back I used to play3 nights a week now its about1 every 6 weeks wish I could give you more support I have afew other health probs too and ive mentioned to docs if the T wasnt there I would manage a lot better and theyre reply was your other probs making T worse deal woith then and your T will get better????????????????? anyway hope you feel better soon take care keep in touch .crawford

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