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My first appointment after the shock of my T moving from mild to mega loud was not good

I’m off to hospital on The 15th May for my second visit to the audiologist but to be honest it’s just a waste of time. No disrespect to the young audiologist but I know more about Tinnitus. The first time I went my T had tripled and I was in a horrible state the first words she spoke was there is nothing we can do for Tinnitus. My god not the words you want to hear. Because in the early days I had thoughts that I just can’t live with this. You lot will know exactly what I’m talking about. My visit is just to see how I’m getting on with my aids as every thing else has stalled not that it ever started. Apart from my family no one seems to care everywhere I turn it’s just a brick wall the doctors the hospital just seem as if they don’t know what to do when you mention the word Tinnitus. Sorry guys for ranting on it’s just that my screaming gets to me sometimes.

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I know exactly how you feel. No one seems to understand unless they actually have it. I’m lucky my hearing therapist and my audiologist both have t so they are very understanding. My hearing therapist has had it since she was 9 and she’s retiring next year, long time. She listens to everything I say and is very reassuring that things will calm down. We just get caught up in a vicious cycle don’t we? I’ve been seeing her for 20 years whenever my t flares up. I also visit my GP and get referred to ENT just in case there’s a new problem. It’s ususally a problem for about 6 months then I guess I habituate to it. Had it 35 years now and it’s not always been a problem. Mine is always at the same level, both ears, 24/7. I’m lucky in that I can sleep through it, must be dreadful for those who can’t. I’ve just been given 2 aids with white noise generators. When I put these in I can’t believe the difference in the loudness of my t. I always set the white noise just below my t as that is supposed to help the brain rewire itself. Let’s hope it does it soon!

Take care and keep us posted after your visit 🙂


Hi Bud, thanks mate you are exactly right when I went to the hospital they didn’t even mention hearing aids with white noise. I’m up there soon believe me il let them know what I think after all it not free I’ve done my bit worked all my life so I’ve paid my taxes cheers


I agree with you JR about the lack of knowledge audiologists seem to have when tinnitus is mentioned. Initially, all I was given was a couple of pamphlets and more or less told to get on with it. I am so glad I found this forum as the help and encouragement I have had, has been invaluable. Some long term sufferers have a great depth of knowledge and I have learned much more about tinnitus from them than any doctors or audiologists I have seen so far. I really struggle to cope with it sometimes and there are thousands like me, so surely the NHS should be implementing better staff training to help us. Telling people there's no cure seems to be the standard negative response and just makes people feel even more despondent and anxious. I don't know about you, but every time I see an audiologist, I have to fire questions at them and I don't get many answers. For example, I knew nothing about maskers or noise generators until I joined the forum. I asked about them at my last appointment and discovered they were available but I was never told about them! I hope you appointment goes well! Best wishes.

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