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Somo tough questions

Dear all,

I'm asking my self some questions without finding convincing answers on the Internet:

1. Why after sleeping, especially in the afternoon, does the perception of T. increase so much?

2. Why when I bite something hard do I feel the T. higher and more acute?

Is the T. a real sound despite many people say that it is a mere fiction of the brain?

Thank you to who wants to answer my questions.

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Hi Alex, I assume that as no-one has replied, there are no answers to your questions. Unfortunately, it seems that our tinnitus just does what it wants, with no reasons. If the answers were known, I suppose a cure would be near. Love, Angela xx ps you will find good advice on this forum on how best to live alongside your tinnitus and push it to the back of your brain xx


Hi Alex

Tough questions but let's see what I can do:

1. After waking, our body goes into "alert" mode and is more aware of its surroundings - including what we can hear. Also, it's likely you are waking into a quiet room, so tinnitus will stand out more

2. Tinnitus can be affected by movement of the jaw. This is a type of tinnitus called somatic tinnitus. You can find out more about tinnitus and the jaw here:

3. The sound is generated in your brain - it's not caused by an external source, but your perception of it is as real as if it were, if that makes sense!

Best wishes

Nic, BTA Communications Manager and Forum Moderator


Hi Nic,

thank you so much for your answers. I found the answers I was looking for.

Really thanks.


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