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my voice causing tinnitus??


So Im in week 7 of tinntus nightmare. Thankfully each week there has been improvements and also changes. Last night I had a shower and when I came out my T was very similar to previous to this (very manageable and easy to forget). I felt much better about this and so put on some music and started to sing.

Well, my left ear started ringing and the higher the note I hit the louder the T (I would almost liken it to my ear was taken in too much sound or vibrating more with pitch and loudness).

So is this possible? I have somatic T in my right ear, no doubt. When I chew it flares up and when I push my jaw forward it gets louder. However this is not the case on the left.

Anybody have any answers? This is mad! Also please don't think Im loopy but all music is pretty much giving me tingles (like when you really like a song) but it's happening all the time. Is there a link between ear and tingles?

This is all very strange and Im seeing an ENT next week. He will think I'm mad!


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simple answer is............stop singing loudly


:D :D I know but I sing when Im happy! so this is all very confusing!


No they wont think your mad hope they have a few answers for you, not had much luck my self with ent was simple go away and live with it.


yes Im worried about that too but I have heard that the guy Im seeing is very good. so fingers crossed

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Hope you get some answers


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