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Habituation ( sorry not very original !)

Hi all. My tinnitus is really have an impact now , not able to work at much today for the first time for decades , so have tried to find some things to help .

Although these are related to OCD , I think they are great about habituation. I am still trying to fight my tinnitus by keeping busy , helping others , pretending there's nothing wrong and that I should get a grip , or getting upset with it , and its a bit like one of those things boxers practice with thta keeps coming back with additional force. Hope they help

How to stop feeling anxious: Learning to habituate

Understanding intrusive thoughts


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Hope it works for you Lindsay. Angela xx


Thank you Lindsay for the videos, I found them very interesting in relation to my tinnitus, especially the intrusive thoughts.


Hi Hope you are better than when you posted. I saw this post when you put it on 3 months ago. I was only one month in with tinnitus and didn't fully understand it. I have just come across it again, now 4 months in, and it really does make sense. Thank you for posting, I found it really interesting.

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Yes feeling a lot better. My tinnitus has reduced to a very low level almost silent. Didn't have to take my clonazepam. However, I have variable tinnitus which is unpredictable, so could wake up tomorrow morning and it's intrusive again. That doesn't bother me as long as it's not too severe. Hopefully I can get some reading in.

Take care



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