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Hi all. This is my first post. Can I please get some advice about T. I developed T about 6 weeks ago. After the initial shock I thought I was coming to terms with it but these last 2 days have been horrendous. I'm ok in the day but come night time and I feel like my head is going to explode. I'm currently taking amitriptyline(50mg) a night but these don't seem to be doing anything. I also listen to white noise but these aren't helping either. Can someone please help me because I really don't know what else to do?

Thanks Carla x

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Hi Carla,

Welcome to the BTA community.

Amirtyptaline can help sleep and anxiety and help tinnitus at the right dose around 50mg but can be increased if needed and 75mg for depression upwards.

Im on Nortryptaline thats the cousin of Amitryptaline and now sleeping and a massive progress in tinnitus management...

I would see your doctor to see if you can go up a dose and monitor any progress over the following 4 weeks and should help you.

Try natural sounds at night or pink or brown or purple noise and make sure set below your tinnitus sound and through pillow speakers .

Your brain will focus hard on your lower sound you have chosen and help build up your brains natural filter to ignore your tinnitus and will help adjust in the day to not focus on your sound.. lots of love glynis


Thanks for the reply Glynis. I've got Drs app on Wednesday so hopefully get something sorted. I am very anxious at the minute so I know that is not helping. I can deal with it through the day but come evening my anxiety gets the better of me which then makes it hard to sleep xx

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Hello Carla

Sorry to hear what you are going through with Tinnitus and you have been given great advice from Glynis you won’t believe what this charming lady’s been through but always comes out the other side. Just wanted to add on the advice Glynis has given you I went through the same path as your self-Tinnitus takes time to come to terms with it does make you feel depressed and Tinnitus preys on your fears and Anxiety which makes you feel worse but you will come to terms with it Just carry on with your life do the things you enjoy Your brain will start to lose interest in what your hearing and push it into the background sometimes this can happen quick or at a slower pace for people.

Do not be scared of Tinnitus it can’t harm you just annoying try to look at it the same way you would look at a bully in the end you have to confront it take it on and beat it down laugh at it you will win

At night have noise your brain will concentrate on that not the Tinnitus (I have an old fan on) a quiet room is a breeding ground for this beast I’m sure you will be alright just being confident and just crush Tinnitus into the background.

Best wishes



Thanks so much for your reply it means a lot. I think it's still raw for me at the minute because I can be fine one minute and the next I'm hysterical crying. I am feeling quite low because of it so I know it's not helping. I'm just trying to get a routine sorted because I have a young son and a job to go to and while I'm feeling like this it's so hard to function. My husband is a great support but it's so hard to explain it to him. Xxx


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