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Hearing aid experience/recommendations?

I recently went along to a BTA support group for the first time (I highly recommend going!). One of the key learnings from many I spoke to was that a hearing aid can really help, especially when you're having a T spike.

I got referred by my GP to our local ENT team and was lucky enough to be seen by a very understanding doctor who had T himself. He looked at my hearing test results (I have mild/moderate high frequency hearing loss) and agreed to prescription 2 NHS earring aids as he fully understood my frustration with the T - I suspect he was being very generous as the audiologist told me my hearing loss wasn't normally bad enough to be given them.

I've been using these aids (ReSound Danalogic) behind the ear models and have really found them useful - especially when my T is screaming.

As I've been some real benefit, I'm considering investing in some 'invisible' aids that I'll feel more comfortable wearing in public (ones that sit almost hidden in the ear canal). I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on models and where best to buy - for example is Boots a safe option.?

I'd appreciate any thoughts before I spend £££!

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NHS ones are good and get mended and free batteries and can get duel purpose ones.

Mine hide under my hair but it's up to how you feel in them.

Maybe give yours a try for a few months and see if worth paying for others but I'm sure people won't really notice them and wear them with pride...lots of love glynis


I have the combined aid/ generators. My right ear is fine

My left seems to soar afternoon and evening lately. Right over the generator sound

No new medicine. Just added a bit of cayenne pepper to my herbal tea along with usual turmeric, honey and lemon for sinuses and catarrh. Along with avamys nasal spray which I've used for two weeks.

I notice when I turn the left one on the start up music sometimes is not there, very quiet or inaudible. Switch off and on to the same thing.

If I leave it a few hours it seems to start up ok but as I say the tinnitus seems to cover the generator noises completely in the afternoon for a while and then evening for a while.

I can stand in the bathroom and take the generator out and my left ear is calm and I can put the generator back in and hear it.

Go in another room and it's up again.

Sometimes I think the TV irritates and makes the noise worse. I can take the generator out and my ear isn't as noisy as with it in and sometimes my ear is as noisy.

This definitely does stress me lately and I feel even more anxious when it happens.

Phoned audiology but had to leave a message.

Wondering if you may have any ideas.

Many thanks



Hi....I've been wearing an "in ear" hearing aid for 10 years. I couldn't get usd to the NHS one as it never sat properly behind my ear. I have just changed mine as my hearing loss is worse - 50% in my T affected ear. I totally recommend them. I don't know if I can mention my brand on hear but if you message me directly I can let you know. The benefit for me is that it improves the outside sounds so well it completely masks my T- I have even resorted to sleeping in it if I have a bad day. My audiologist totally understands T and he recommended my new device as he says it's the best for T. I can even play music through it if I don't want to listen to outside noise and this also blocks my T. I can honestly say it has saved my life and I can hold down a very stressful job - something I nearly walked away from in the early days as I couldn't cope.

Contact me if you like

Jane x


Hi Jane, I have just read your post regarding hearing aid and would be so grateful if you could give me the name as I'm really suffering.

My email is Sueham@ymail.com

Many thanks




I'm now the proud owner of the same type you have, these given to me by ENT/audiology as I have mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears. By all means investigate private ones but in my case, if something goes wrong then its fixed free of charge by the NHS also not to mention free batteries tubes and domes.

As Glynis mentions maybe give it a little more time, it took me 2/3 weeks to get used to mine but now I wear mine with confidence.



I had NHS hearing aids for two years and was more than happy with the service. Then because the CCG in our area started messing around with the Audiology Service I decided to buy. I bought mine from Boots and am entirely satisfied with the service and the hearing aids I received. Lynne xx


Hi rharrisuk I can help as i bought my own hearing aids if you google resound or starkey they are both private hearing aids manufacturer they have to be programmed to your own hearing level by a qualified hearing therapist both companies have their own hearing therapists i got a month to try them free of charge both have programs of different sounds to mask your tinnitus but you can also stream nature sounds also if your phone rings it will automatically ring through to your hearing aids now they are not cheap you can expect to pay around £1800 to £2000 to £2400 depending on which hearing aid is right for you they are guaranteed for 2 years they are smaller and like mini computers i hope this helps and anyone who is thinking of buying hearing aids.David


Hello Dave

I have just read your email, I am struggling so much at the moment and thinking about buying hearing aids. Are you having some success with yours. Would really appreciate a reply.

My email is Sueham@ymail.com




Hi my hearing aid is by oticon and is practically invisible . I bought primarily to help with tinnitus and do feel it is helping . It is programmed exactly for my hearing loss . Now when don't wear it my ear feels blocked ( apparently that is hearing loss ) . I went privately as my ent private and long waiting list apparently on nhs . I paid £2000 for 1 , has 2 year guarantee and that includes batteries etc . Hoping investment worth it . I am 43 so really didn't want one that was visible and bulky .


Hi rharrisuk

If you go to hearingaid.org.uk they are the cheapest people I have found and they will recommend a local audiologist that will visit you at home.

I have just got my aids from them and can't fault the service.

Hope this helps Dell


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