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Hello I'm Sharon

I've had tinnitus for about 6yrs, i believe it began after an operation to donate a kidney to my husband, i have been told that the stress of that could have brought it on. Although I didn't feel stressed at the time i was probably putting a brave face on it all to stop my husband worrying about me so much.

Sometimes I cope with it quite well but then it comes back with a vengeance, just to make sure that I haven't forgotten its there.

I went to the convention in Birmingham which was interesting but unfortunately, as I thought it might, it brought on my T which has been hard to cope with since.

I wondered about trying yoga, has anyone tried it and which type of yoga should i try.

Thank you for reading my moans and groans


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HI Sharon,

Anything that can relax the body and mind will usually help tinnitus so yoga might be good for you. Also, consider joining a relaxation class. I feel you should ask your GP to refer you to ENT so tests can be carried out on your auditory system. I think a referral to a hearing therapist would also help.



Hello Sharon

Nothing more I can add to Michael's reply, great advice as always. I find the countryside and wildlife are a great distraction and with the summer months coming up its something to look forward too. I'm fortunate that I'm only a short drive to the coast which is a great way to chill out and to forget all the worries of the world, hope you find something that helps.



The first time i ever felt like my T had gone was when sitting on a sea wall listening to the waves crashing onto the rocks. I was so excited i had the biggest smile on my face.

When we had to leave it came back all to quickly.

I now listen to my seashore tape when i go to bed, it helps but its not the same as the real thing.

I would love to be near the coast so that I could get that destraction more often.

Lucky old you, I'm very jealous

Regards Sharon


Hi Sharon

Its a pity we can't bottle our experiences of the world around us for example the sight, sound, and smells of the coast for instance, its all therapy that helps us to carry on. The north norfolk coast is only a hours drive away and it never ceases to amaze me the pure isolation of the beaches and the big wide open skyes, truly breathtaking.

Dont give up trying different methods of relaxation you will find one that suits you so be positive in what you try.

Lastly we dont mind you having a moan and a groan its all part of the therapy.

Take care


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Thanks for your reply, I have been going to an audiologist for some time now he is very good but i have got to the point that we are going over the same things to try to help, i feel that I am wasting his time, he never makes me feel that way, its just me.

I think that i will look up some yoga classes to se if that helps, it can't do me any harm anyway.

Thanks again



Hi Sharon, how unfair that you got T after being so kind and selfless. I got my T 2 years ago after a major op, about which I had been very stressed. Or the anaesthetic caused the damn thing. The advice you will hear on this forum is what has kept me going. Love Angela xx

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I wonder if Pilates would be better. Yoga is good but it is quite "introverted" and actually I think it's better to try and think 'outside the box'. Anyway the physical stretching etc. is very good for the body with both and maybe raises the serotonin levels. A strong mental attitude is very important. Kalms, containing Valerian, here I come!!!!


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You could be right there i do find the more active i am i hear it less.


Yes.............anything which will relax you and de stress will always help!


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