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Words of inspiration welcomed!

After a good Friday and bearable weekend, my T is spiking today, which I'm really getting me down, especially as I have to be bright and proactive in a sales role at work. It seems to have taken a different route now, being particularly reactive to sound, especially higher frequencies filling my ears with an uncomfortable whistling, this is really becoming unbearable as it's affected by the radio and TV.

OK, I didn't have a good night sleep plus I had a few drinks over the weekend, but this is really getting me down now. I'm into my third month with T and there appears to be no pattern to it at all, which is making it all the more difficult to habituate to. Is this normal? being relatively new to T, I'm still struggling with the bad days after feeling 'up' on the good days. Thanks, Steve

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HI Steve,

Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time at the moment with tinnitus. Tinnitus varies a lot especially in the early stages. So most things that you are experiencing is typical of what this condition does to a person. However, things do settle down and become easier as time moves on. I have written a post further down in the forum titled: New to tinnitus what to do? I advise you to read it.

One of the important things is to try and avoid quiet rooms and surroundings especially at night and I have explained this in my post. Using a sound machine for "sound enrichment" at night, helps the brain to focus less on the tinnitus so it won't be so intrusive. It takes a little time to get used to but can be quite beneficial.

It is quite common for people to feel stressed and a little depressed even with the onset of tinnitus and a mild anti-depressant often helps. Have a word with your Dr about how you feel.

All the best



Thanks Michael, that's very useful. It's when it intrudes with what I have enjoyed for many years, like music and TV I becomes really depressing. Strangely when I am quiet at not moving, and there is no sound it is actually quieter and less intrusive. It appears that at the moment, it's being particularly aggravated by external sounds.

I'll be in touch with my GP too as suggested.

Cheers, Steve


Hi, I have tinnitus. Started this year. I manage it very well most of the time. Similarly to you, I am better when it's quiet, I can focus it out quite easily. But, I do have sensitivity to noises...not all the time and not always the same noises. I've been told I will eventually manage this as well. It can effect how much enjoyment I get from listening to tv, music and sometimes just chatting, as my own voice can feel quite distorted. It got me down at first, dramatically. But now I am coming to terms with my condition...which in turn, I feel, is helping me manage it better.


Hi Gwenda, thanks for the reply, it does sound very similar to my situation with regard to sensitivity to noise and spiking when listening to the TV or music. Mine seems to go in phases, it may not do it for a week, then it kicks back in for a few days with a vengeance, there isn't any real pattern to it. I do seem to be worse when I'm under stress though, which is fairly difficult to escape from at the moment with various other things going on in my life! Cheers, Steve


Having had tinnitus for roughly 3 years I find mostly I can block it out during the day, although today I am having a spike, it's very intrusive at the moment. I do find if I am stressed it gets worse. Got an appointment with the hearing therapist next week at our local hospital.

Have got a hearing aid for the ear with the tinnitus as my hearing deteriorated in that ear earlier in the year, usually find that helps a bit. Have a sound generator on at night which helps.


Hi Steve

If there's one thing i've learnt over the years living with T is that what ever it throws at you you must learn to take it in your stride, i know that's a big ask but stressing about it i find only make the situation worse, and if you do that it really does take the sting out of the here and now, in the beginning and i don't mind admitting i was a total wreck, but as time passes you will find it really does get easier you wouldn't think so now but it does.

As Michael said meds really do help with anxiety and the all to often mood swings that comes with this condition so don't be afraid to give them a try only if its for the short term,

You will find good advice as you have read so far, and it never cease's to amaze me reading the stories of the newbies who come here full of woe and disbelief that you can turn this situation and mind set around and lead a normal life which you can do given plenty of time and that's all important.

Lastly my T is constant 24/7 and loud at the moment as i'm typing this but it does not bother me in the least so there is hope so don't give up



Hi Dave, what meds are typically prescribed? I wouldn't want to consider anything which would adversely affect my ability to function normally with work, family life etc. Cheers, Steve


Hi Steve

I've been trying to come to terms with my T for nearly two years, good days not so good days.

When you see your GP demand you go see a audiologist, I had to go see my GP twice before he would refer me, all my GP said was that they will only say you got tinnitus as I said, that was a load of rubbish it was the best thing I've done for my self regarding my T. Go see an AUDIOLOGIST mate

Hope alls ok in a day or so Gary


Thanks Gary. The Dr I saw initially was not very good at all and basically said, oh dear you've got to get used to it, there's nothing we can do to 'cure' it. Which was not particularly consoling. I have seen an Audiologist and have got a follow up appointment next week, so I'm hopefully on the right path. The only thing is it's such a long wait for appointments.

After a really bad Monday, yesterday was great, the T basically didn't intrude at all and lessened in intensity a lot. However, after a very enjoyable Christmas party in a busy pub, too many beers and very little sleep, they are whistling like jet engines again today. An early night and no booze for me today! Cheers, Steve

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Hi Steve

Obviously your GP is the one to talk to regarding Meds if you need them, a lot of forum folk have taken Meds of some description be it short or long term, myself when my T reared its head some 15 odd years ago i can remember my GP giving me tablets of some sort which made me a bit spaced out for a week or so but they did help me sleep which helped, since then thankfully i,ve not needed to rely on Meds, but that's not to say i might need them in the future



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