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Hello everyone, I am a new member to this forum.

I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis some years ago. I also have acid reflux, post nasal drip ,rhinitis and sinusitis which I believe are all connected. Like other sufferers I have an irritating cough. To complicate the issue I became partly deaf probably because of all the conditions above.

After seeing an ENT consultant I was down to have grommets fitted 6 months ago but because of the virus the operation was cancelled.

I would be grateful for any members comments regarding the grommets operation. Is there anyone who has had a similar operation with a successful outcome? Or could I be putting myself at risk to have the operation by leaving myself open to further lung infections in the future?

Thank you.

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Hi Roadrunner sorry the only experience with grommets was my son many years ago. I am sure your operation will be done at some point and will be successful, as did my son’s as he couldn’t hear that well but once it was done he could hear better. I think with the current situation your op won’t happen yet but as soon as it’s safe will go ahead.

Your symptoms are the same as mine but since I have been put on azithromycin my post nasal drip and sinusitis doesn’t happen so much now. Maybe because I haven’t been out much to catch anything. I still get acid reflux which is annoying I am on omerprazole for that.

I am sure once you are called again for your op you will feel safe enough to have it done. As far as the worry about further lung infections I would seek the advice of your Respiratory Consultant to put your mind at rest.

Good luck and hope you have a nice Christmas x 🎄

Thank you for your reply Patsy. It was my own doctor that put doubt in my mind. He said that once an incision is made to drain the ear before inserting the grommets there is always a chance to pick up an infection. This in turn could have an adverse affect on the lungs and bronchiectasis. It is difficult to speak to any consultant at the moment but nothing can be done anyway until things return to some normality.Thanks again, and I hope your Christmas is good and that the new year brings us all hope, good health and happiness.


Oh I understand now. As you say nothing can be done yet anyway. Merry Christmas to you too and here is hoping next year will be a more hopeful one for everyone xx🎄🎁🎉🎅


hi, I have similar conditions to you. I am also becoming somewhat deaf, and was referred by my GP for a hearing test, that confirmed the need for aids and they were duly produced. I can only wear one as my other ear really hurts . my respiratory consultant, when putting me on Azithromycin for Bi-lateral bronch,warned me that it can cause deafness and I should monitor mr hearing levels, I do not know if you take this drug but be cautious if mentioned. My daughter had grommits that was at a young age, allI can tell you is that her operation was successful.

I have had 5 operations on my sinuses, mainly useless and have sinusitis, drip, and acid reflux, all very unpleasant but mainly manageable.


RoadRunner44 in reply to Sops

Hi, Thanks for replying. I'm sure the actual grommets operation would be successful. Its just that the incision made in the ear itself can be a way in for bacteria. This could then cause further problems for the bronchiectasis in my lungs.At the moment if I get even a slight cold my hearing is muffled. Even though I have a hearing aid its up to the highest point and have the subtitles on the TVup high too. Its unlikely I'll be contacted to have the operation now for foreseeable future so I'm not going to think about it for the time being. Thanks anyway.


Sops in reply to RoadRunner44

Good luck and success for the future !

RoadRunner44 in reply to Sops


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