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does any know if desserts are all right to eat with a de compensated liver i have one every night custard choc bun - sweet cakes, read something about there not that good for your the sugar levels in them don't want to waste the hard work i put in with low salt diet every night

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If you ever find yourself on the liver ward at the QE in Birmingham there are posters behind each door that reminds you to order your bedtime snack, which could be biscuits, mini chedders, jaffa cakes or even muffins of various varieties, lol (Blueberry ones and lemon ones are very nice 😋😋). So a carb rich snack late a night is not a bad thing with late stage cirrhosis.

So, unless you have particular issues with sugar or fat, i cant see having deserts being an issue at all. Apparently with late stage cirrhosis the reason you feel fatigued, the reason you may feel nauseaous, the reason you may have disturbed sleep, the reason you start losing muscle mass all have some relation to energy deficeit due to the inability the cirrhosed liver has to properly process what you eat to turn it into the stuff your body needs. So having some foods that quick release or slow release carbs and sugars is not a bad thing.

So, for me, i'd say enjoy your desserts 🍨 😋. (Everything in moderation of course, lol).

Now, here comes the usual disclaimer. The above is based on my experienced and the advice i got when i was in that late cirrhosis/de-compensated stage. It may not be appropriate for all, so it is something to discuss with your medical team when the opportunity arises. But hopefully in the interim this helps.

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lonmallin50 in reply to Kristian

Thank you for your advice

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Benwillfred in reply to Kristian

My dietician explained that people like me with liver disease must have a good snack before bed as going without nutrition for 8 hours is like going 3 days for a person without liver problems

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Loobylou72 in reply to Benwillfred

Yes that’s what I was told too. I even have biscuits by my bed as often I wake in night and am super hungry! I do struggle to eat sometimes but then get hit by fatigue and realise I have to keep on top of it!

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Hello there.

When i was in hospital, diagnosed with cirrhosis....decomensated...i had no muscle what so ever.....all the nurses kept saying how thin my arms were . My liver nurse and dietician ,told me to eat late on in an help my body to fuel itself over night, so my body wouldn't use up my muscle mass. It worked. But do check with your own liver nurse or consultant,who is looking after you. I was told everything should be full diet or low calorie foods....quite the opposite to what we r normally told!!!!. .but make sure with your medical team.

Take care. Chris.

Ps,i usually went for a few jaffa cakes!!.

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Kristian in reply to redpoint72

I remember my discussion with the dietician, lol. Thought she'd shout at me for my bad late night eating habbits, but as you say it was quite the contrary 😆😆. 🧁🧁🍪🍪😋.

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redpoint72 in reply to Kristian

Yes,love it was strange to hear at the time!!! Everything full fat!!!. 😄.

My best Chris .

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lonmallin50 in reply to redpoint72

Thanks I carry on

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lonmallin50 in reply to Kristian

Thanks for advice I carry on

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lonmallin50 in reply to redpoint72

Thanks for the advice

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Enjoy your treats, it’s very important to eat something before you go to sleep

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lonmallin50 in reply to Cat-B


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Bake apples with a little cinnamon is a great sweet.

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lonmallin50 in reply to sophiaS1980

Thanks I try that one

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Push to see a liver specialist dietician who will assess your current nutritional state and give you the appropriate diet plan (be prepared for it 'cos it's like weight watchers in reverse ......... my hubby got fed up of me feeding him every couple of hours). You do need a carb rich snack before bed (protein important too).

Just be aware that having cirrhosis can also lead to issues with diabetes so whilst carbs are needed you need to be careful with way too much sugar.

A couple of years back my hubby was told he was borderline diabetic (he's still following weight watchers in reverse diet plan for his liver) and the guidance for his supposed pre-diabetes sort of clashed with that for liver. Anyway in a discussion with liver specialist dietician she said liver diet was still really important and he couldn't afford to cut down BUT to have any rich sugar desserts immediately after his main meal and that way the sugar and meal were processed together or something along those lines. He still has to have his supper but makes it more like a bowl of cereal with milk, flap jack or some toast and milk.

Try and see a liver specialist dietician though as they will give you your own individualized dietary advice.


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I always eat very late.

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I am early stages it seems to work.

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