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Just come off phone to yet another GP. Another one who says LFTs rule out cirrhosis if normal. I said BLT says different, he said they’re wrong.🤷🏼‍♀️

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I'm sorry, but I am confused here. I see 17-days ago, you had an Ultrasound and that it showed fatty liver. I'm not sure why you'd be talking with a doctor on a Saturday and asking questions about cirrhosis?

If this doctor you are referring to was a GP, then there is a good chance they most likely wouldn't know very much about LFT scoring and cirrhosis.

Medical doctors, know a little bit of stuff about a lot of things. A specialist consultant will know a lot of stuff about a few little things.


It was an ongoing complaint I have that was the main concern.

If you had a scan and it didn’t detect cirrhosis then you don’t have it anyway. Scans are not wrong and they really do know what they are looking for. I had my scans and trust them 100%... Ive got continuing problems too but I’m not thinking they are liver damage as the scans didn’t show it. You need to ask your doctors to investigate what else your issues may be. I am going back to my consultant to do this who will investigate why I still have pain etc.

The fact you are obsessing over something that’s been ruled out may be getting in the way of addressing what your actual issues are... which isn’t helpful for you... Xx

Yes, It really is a mystery to me though how platelets can be normal and stuff like that and still the patient can have severe disease. Yes, have to come off laxatives and if no improvement will need investigations. Sorry to hear you’re in pain. Can’t help worrying when someone on here commented that constipation comes part and parcel with cirrhosis. Maybe it’s the fatty liver, which I’m trying to improve like you did. Hope you’re enjoying your scrabble. Off to get some shopping! Have good day, hopefully pain free. Xxxxxx

Millions upon millions of people get constipation and don’t have liver disease 😉... including myself. You need to eat lots of fibre, things like weetabix for breakfast or high fibre cereals and lots of veggies, fruits and salads. This will help with constipation and get rid of fatty liver very quickly.

By now if you have been following a good healthy diet, the fatty liver should have disappeared 😊.

Listen to your doctor, and your scans not a website and ask for help from your doctor for the constipation if it doesn’t stop...

Thanks I’m sure I’ll get it sorted. Have a good day yourself xxx

Thank you xxxx

Had a quick thought ... irritable bowel syndrome? Or has that been ruled out by your doctor?

I might be.

Could be, sure everyone’s sick of hearing about my b..... bowels!


Just no photos please 🙈

Trying to forget the last ones someone put on here 😂🤣

Scarred for life with those !

😂🤣 at breakfast time too!

Oh it was wasn't it 💩🤢🤮


Are you taking any pain killers?

No, avoiding anything toxic at moment, Laura. Thank you for reply.


My partner has had cirrhosis for about 8 or 9 years and it's now decompensated. He doesn't have and has never suffered from constipation. It's fair to say it affects individuals differently and you may need to investigate other causes. I'm not convinced anything goes part and parcel with cirrhosis. There are similarities with people's conditions but I haven't seen any posts on here which match my partner's situation exactly... I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you, hope your partner is having good day.

Your anxiety could 100% be the reason for your continued constipation issues.

High levels of stress can cause or aggravate gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, stomach pain, and changes in bowel movements, which can include constipation.

Researchers have identified various connections between the brain and stomach that may lead to constipation symptoms. A range of treatments and remedies can help relieve stress-related constipation.

Many factors can cause constipation. Common causes of constipation are dehydration, a lack of physical activity, and a poor diet — for example, not eating enough fiber.

Stress can also lead to constipation. When psychological stress leads to physical symptoms, they are known as somatic symptoms.

The effects that stress hormones have on the body can cause constipation. In addition, when a person is stressed, they are more likely to eat an unhealthful diet, get less exercise or sleep, or forget to stay hydrated. These factors can lead to constipation.

According to an article in the journal Expert Review of Gastroenterology & HepatologyTrusted Source, researchers have identified several ways in which stress can cause constipation:

In stressful situations, the body’s adrenal glands release a hormone called epinephrine, which plays a role in the so-called fight-or-flight response. It causes the body to divert blood flow from the intestines toward vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, and brain. As a result, intestinal movement slows down, and constipation can occur.

In response to stress, the body releases more corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) in the bowels. This hormone acts directly on the intestines, which it can slow down and cause to become inflamed. The intestines have different types of CRF receptors, some of which speed up processes in the intestines, while others slow them down.

Stress causes increased intestinal permeability. This permeability allows inflammatory compounds to come into the intestines, which can lead to a feeling of abdominal fullness — a common complaint among people who struggle with constipation.

Stress may affect the normal healthy bacteria in the gut. Research has not confirmed this theory, but many people believe that stress may reduce the number of healthy gut bacteria in the body, thus slowing digestion.

While researchers have come a long way in discovering links between stress and constipation, there is still more to learn. Research into stress hormones and their effects on the body is ongoing.

Wouldn’t be surprised Katy, I’ve never been so depressed and terrified. Thank you. Xxxxxx

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