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Blood test - GGT and CRP levels

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My GP sent me for a blood test and it has come back with GGT 69 and CRP 12, they are sending me for a liver ultrasound scan. They're not expecting anything serious but when I look online (not that I should of course) it covers allsorts including liver disease and blocked bile ducts.

Apparently my last results 9 months ago had GGT 94 and CRP 9 but they didn't tell me that at the time, just that they'd possibly send me for another test - I didn't hear anything back at the time so assumed it wasn't anything to follow up on.

I don't have any symptoms of liver disease other than feeling itchy which from what I can see could be because of my salt levels. I don't drink at all so I know it's not alcohol related.

Could it be something not to worry about? Or is it likely that I do have something potentially like liver disease (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease maybe?) or blocked bile ducts?

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The forum is a very good place where you can get support and advice from our many members. However, nobody here is qualified to comment or specifically answer your question. The forum / British Liver Trust (BLT) guidelines ask members to not post test results and invite interpretation.

The forum cannot take the place of your own medical team who can interpret your results with a full picture of you, your health and circumstances. Test results can also vary according to individual laboratories.

We suggest that you contact your GP / medical team and discuss your results and any concerns you may have.

You may find our publication 'Liver disease tests explained' useful for general info:

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