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Can somebody tell me if my hand is normal?

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No one here is qualified to discern anything from photographs and it's actually against forum rules. If you have concerns about your health then you should see a doctor, describing your concerns and getting appropriate tests.

Best wishes, Katie

I just would like now if my hand looks normal before I will do something.I don't want to go to doctor if is ok because of covid19

Laura009 in reply to Yaro

Everybody's hands and feet are different shapes and sizes so no one here would be able to tell what may be or may not be normal for anyone else. If you have seen changes in your hands which concern you, then as Katie says, please consult your doctor.

All the best

Paderico in reply to Laura009

Hello Laura009 can you please tell me what adoport is, I gather it is medication post-transplant, but what is it and what does it do? thanks.

Laura009 in reply to Paderico

Darling l don't know. My hubby never had one. Tt2018 or liver-lifeguru are very knowledgeable on liver transplants.

L xx

TT-2018 in reply to Paderico

It is the anti-rejection medication that you need to take post transplant. You need to take it for the rest of your life, twice a day. I hope that helps?

Paderico in reply to TT-2018

TT-2018 Thank you for answering my question I do get curious when I hear of something, and I don't know why or when it is used,,,, I appreciate you taking the time to answer.


TT-2018 in reply to Paderico


No problem, we are here to share our journey through liver disease. Particularly in these difficult times, happy to share what I have learned.

Good luck with everything and I appreciate your thoughts.


JJgut in reply to Yaro

For the most part your hand looks normal as far as color goes. They don't look red or anything like that. The tips of your left 3 fingers look slightly swollen, but it could easily be the angle you took the picture from. And even if they are swollen, there are several reasons (most of them benign) why that could be.

Of course, I can't deduce anything for certain, neither can anyone else, as others were very quick to point out. But, you were just asking a simple question and looking for a cursory response. You weren't looking for a definitive diagnosis or interpretation of lab numbers or anything like that.

It looks like a hand.

What in particular is concerning you about your hand?

My palms I don't now if they normal or red

What I would like now is my hand look like I have Palmer erythema

Pamziepam in reply to Yaro

You can contact your doctor and send pictures for them to check.

Laura009 in reply to Yaro

In the photo it doesn't but it could be the flash light is disguising it. Sorry but this is why forum rules stipulate no photos should be displayed for opinions as they can be misleading and misinterpreted.

Only a doctor can give you a definitive answer.

All the best



Hello Yaro,

Whilst we appreciate you are worried, as our regular members have pointed out, it’s against forum rules to post pictures asking for medical advice.

No one here is qualified to assess your hand. Please see your own doctors for professional assessment.

Best wishes.

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