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Does anyone have experience with the TACE procedure on the liver?


I'm considering the TACE procedure for my liver mets (primary cancer was in the small bowel, surgery removed it along with all the places it had spread to - now it has returned with a vengeance to my liver). How effective was it for you and did you have any after effects from the procedure? Thank you so much for any information you can provide. Blessings!

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Good morning,

There is some information about the procedure TACE in our publication on Liver Cancer although this booklet is mostly directed at patients with Primary Liver cancer rather than secondary liver cancer.

If you are able to call the free helpline on 0800 652 7330 (10:00 - 15:00) I can talk to you about the procedure



It saved my life (prolonged at least) I was given 11 months tops , had SERts (race) in Australia and the 18cm x12cm is now gone , as of last scan late last month still no cancer , if it does return I’ll certainly be getting again if allowed, it was never even mentioned to me when diagnosis given in London, no after effects, get it done sooner rather than later


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