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Remembering Rachel


I miss my sister everyday, now its 8 years we've been without her.

I hope that all those who have battles with alcohol find the strength to fight its clutches. Its not just the addict that suffers through the consequences.

I also hope that one day we will have a government which will prioritise mental health and addiction support, providing proper accessible treatment programs tailored to peoples needs.

And that they will also consider a wider approach to alcohol control, like the tobacco control agenda which targeted many aspects ( advertising, packaging, labeling and health information etc). To better educate people on the true dangers of alcohol use.

Look after yourselves people.

With love for my beautiful Rachel.

Elisa x

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I've been saying the same Elisa it's a disgrace. Things have got to change.

I'm so sorry you lost your sister to alcohol too


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Yes me too. People who do not understand the nightmare of day after day worry about alcohol and how bad it is just don't realise the worry we go through. Things do have to change.

Take care all on here.



I am so sorry for your loss, what ou are saying is very true the people that this happens to do not think about those they leave behind the only thought they have is for alcohol,

I am one of lifes lucky people i used to drink about 60 pints a week for about 10 years my wifes liver failed she had a transplant and i stopped drinking to support her with no real problems sometimes i think it is easier to give something up for someone else who needs it than it is to give up for yourself

Again very sorry for your loss keep strong


I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad to liver disease because of his addition to alcohol. It was a long battle with many ups and downs and emotions over the years. I wish more than anything he would’ve quit and stayed sober before it was too late.

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