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High GGT


I was reading everyone's posts with interest.....I have had high GGT and ALP since 2009. Family doc said I may have fatty liver disease - fair enough, I am 20 lb overweight. Since then I have been asked by numerous docs if I drink (a glass of wine at family dinners four times a year). In 2011, I was in the emergency department with a kidney stone attack, had blood work there and the doc asked "are you sure you don't drink" in front of numerous other patients.. Totally embarrassing. To cut a long story short, in summer 2017 I was taken to hospital with severe abdominal pain. I was in liver failure and they thought I may have pancreatic cancer as all my liver tests were through the roof. After a week of investigations in the hospital it turned out to be my GALLBLADDER, and the severe pain/liver failure was caused by stone blockage. Now 9 or so months later,my GGT and ALP are back to normal. And yes I work in health care, so don't I feel stupid?? !!!

My husband also had the same problem with high GGT and liver enzymes 15 years or so ago.....a dietitian said she didn't know why his tests were elevated "as you say you don't drink". A couple of years later they took 38 stones from his common bile duct and removed his gallbladder......no problem since. You would think health professionals would have clued into the fact that high liver enzymes don't necessarily mean you drink. Btw I am in Canada, born in Lancashire.

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Hi my hubby had a problem initially with high GGT. He didn't drink. In his case he was finally diagnosed with Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency which is hereditary, damages the liver and eventually had a transplant. Unfortunately drinking is a common reaction to HIGH GGT which needs to stop. If we hadn't been so adamant about alcohol he would have been totally ignored and maybe died before they realised the real problem.

Glad your reason was found and treated.

Wow, do you think if they had found the AATD sooner, your husband would not have needed the transplant? Makes you wonder. Hope the transplant has improved his health...

No there is no way stopping the damage or halting the progress of this disease. Once it has got you it wins.!!!

I am having exact same problem. I don't drink but GGT is high. Doctors don't believe me when I tell them I drink rarely. I also have polyps on gallbladder. Btw am also in Canada. Not sure how I get them to believe me

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