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Should I calm down

I'm 27 and non drinker. I've had a bad diet all my life. I lost 30 pounds and all of a sudden I have extreme fatigue and pain in my upper right.

I got physical. And showed normal blood work but ast was slightly elevated. And alt was elevated by two fold.

I got ultrasound of abnormal. And complete blood work of all liver disease. My ultrasound showed fatty liver and slightly enlarged spleen. And just have nafld. And sceduled a fibroscan to just see how much fat.

Fatigue was getting to point I need help goinf the restroom. And couldn't go to work. So I went to er. They did a a complete ct scan with contrast.with liver function. They said liver function was flawless and ct scan showed small cist on spleen. However they said they see no sign of cirorsis.

Fatigue and pain increased and family took me to a different er. They did a ultrasound and doctors said with them lighting me up yesterday and our ultra sound that I need to stop thinking its cirorsis.

Question is with 2 ultra sounds, a ct scan with contrast and 4 doctors saying I dont have cirorsis. Is this conclusive? I have red palms, fatigue, enlarged spleen. And uoper right pain even thou my liver enzymes are flawless.

Could I be surprised that I have cirorsis with my future fibroscan or is all the tests I run proof I'm not past the point of no return?

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Sometimes when all else fails, we do have to trust our doctors!

Rapid weight loss can mess with the way the body utilizes fats and sugars for energy.

I trust this weight loss was intentional... Diet/exercise? Fad diets can also create chaos with metabolic processes.

If you've been on a non-traditional diet, I'd try to get back on an even keel with a well balanced, healthy diet. Restrict sugars and limit portion sizes, and hopefully your health will stabilize.

Best of Luck, & congrats on your quest for better health!

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It was intentional and was low carb. I tried adding carbs and hasn't got better. In also having liver pain which makes me feel nits more then diet and the enlarged spleen.


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