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Broken bones

Ages since I was on here, any advice on broken bones? Tripped and broke my hip bout three months ago, would't operate because I am a bleeder apparantly caused by my liver damage. Loads of traction later hip has healed but my leg is now terribly swollen which doc has no explanation for excrpt that it must be connected to liver, although blood counts are fine. Anyone else had similar problems ? Good wishes to you all any advice I would be grateful at wits end and worried sick xxx

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Hi lottie1964,

So sorry to hear about your hip. I wish I had something helpful for you, but the only thing I can think of is maybe there was an interference with the lymph system or it may take you a much longer time for the fluids to reduce due to liver disease.

You could ask the doctor if lymph massages might help.

Best wishes,



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