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Are the any women with liver disease that are or were using HRT?

I've been using Angeliq for my hot flashes. It's been very helpful for the flushes and helps with water retention I addition to my mood. Now that my liver is compromised I'm rethinking it. I hate to give it up because I feel so much better with it. I was wondering if anyone uses patches which aren't broken down through the liver? Are they safe to use with fibrosis?

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hi i have been on hrt orally for the whole 8yrs and previoyusly 10yr prior to pbc and no consultant mentioned a prob


i was on hrt for 19 years i have had hep b hep c fatty liver grossly fibrotic liver and had my gallbladder out amoung other things. i had a total hysterectomy and only used oestrogen patches.I was 41 when i started the hrt and had liver disease when i was 21 as i had serum hepatitis.i dont feel it harmed me,i was glad to get it. grace


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