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New to liver disease any tips?

I'm relatively new to liver disease. A fatty liver was mentioned in passing however nothing was ever stressed about how serious it could be. My enzymes have been spiking on and off for about 3 years. Due to a drastic weight gain in a 3 month time period my Endocrinologist ordered a CT scan which wasn't approved by my insurance, so an ultrasound was done. The US showed enlarged liver with fatty involution consistent with fibrosis. The liver was to large and dense to see the pancreas and other organs. I'm waiting for the insurance to approve a CT scan (I live in USA). I guess I'm wondering how serious this is and what should I be eating and not eating etc? I know no one here can diagnose but does anyone have any idea if I might be at a point where I still have hope to change with healthy eating? I am completely unable to lose weight, I have metabolic syndrome and a 40 hour a week desk job.

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Obviously as you stated until you get another scan no one can tell you anything.. but you need to eat fresh food, no salt, plenty of water and you need exercise even if it's not possible to lose weight you have to walk and just do what you can if it ever come to the point that you had cirrhosis you would have to do all of the above before there was even mention of a transplant (fingers crossed it isn't that severe) but you have to do what's in your power to turn the fatty liver around x



Welcome to the forum.

Sorry you are having to deal with a diagnosis of liver disease. This can all be a bit daunting and scary.

You have come to a good place for advice and support and the British Liver Trust website is an absolute goldmine for anyone new to all things 'liver.'

There are a couple of people on here who are from the US and now live in England.

As jojo pointed out, until you get a definitive diagnosis its hard for you to know how things are going to turn out for you. However, you can certainly begin to make sure that whatever the outcome, your liver is given the best possible chance of recovery or being able to stabilise.

I'm sure you already have a good idea what this involves. Paying attention to your diet, regular exercise, if you drink - reconsidering your intake and not reading too much on the internet.

I've put a couple of links to help you understand a bit more about liver disease in general and specifically 'Fatty' liver.

Keep coming to the forum, even if its just to read how others are dealing with living with the condition and seeing what support and advice they are given.

Take care,




There are people who have come to the forum with the beginnings of liver disease and come back within the year to report that tests show their liver has returned to 'normal'

So do not despair and keep positive.



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