I just turned 22. I have PBC, hypothroide, & Hep C. My spleen is also enlarged cause of this. I know I'll need a liver transplant, but I'm way too scared to do anything just yet. I'd like to experience a little more in life & travel a bit. I've changed my eating habits & what I eat. I stay away from as much salt & added things as possible, along with sugar. I eat more fresh fruits & veggies, stay away from fast food, & as many canned foods as possible. I stay positive about life, but also scared. Any suggestions on what to do or helpful tips??

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  • Sorry I ain't got any answers but I'm overwhelmed as I just worked out my diagnosis I think ? But I'm also doing all I can to have some life I no the juices fresh fruit and veg are really good .

  • First things first, you have a number of conditions there that need to be managed. Do that and there is no reason why you can't live life and travel a bit. Ok, you may at some stage in the future need a liver transplant, but then again you may not. Best advice, manage the conditions properly. Don't put off doing something about it. The earlier you start to deal with them the better things will be in the long run.

  • Yes i to have hepatitis c .I've had it for twenty years or more ,I did not even know i had it until 2 years ago when I became very sick in Thailand when on holiday .I played sport all my life as a rugby player.and had always been very fit.then bang just like that , I lost alot of weight .Anyway I went on treatment for hep c..i started feeling better straight away it came back six months later but it gave the liver a break and spleen as they we're inlarged. I suggest you get in straight away and het treatment as many more problems can arise such as cirrhosis or varices .both in my case eat well no booze no cigarettes. Complete healthy.as if it wasn't due to my fitness and life style ,I dont believe I would be here .Good luck though wish you well..

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