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Always tired

Well it's coming up to my second anniversary soon and I'm still always shattered keep hoping it gets easier but alas it's not , I believed that when I was transplanted things would be better but the tiredness will not go I've mentioned it time n time again to my doctor but he hasn't an answer just a you,ll get there ,2 years n still in the same place I want to do exercise to keep myself fit but if I do I'm knackered for days it's impossible I'm very depressed through it n I ask myself is this it ? Don't get me wrong getting such a gift is a beautiful thing n I'm truly honoured I really am but all this tiredness has got me down has anybody else got these symptoms? My life is on stand still I didn't expect it to be this tuff anyway that's me done with , keep smiling ))

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Hi retwos, I'm exactly the same fatigue is a nightmare and does get me down, sorry no advice, just letting you know you are not alone, 🌸🌸


Are u still attending post transplant clinic?

If so where?


Yeah o still go I'm at q e Birmingham back in oct


Hi, I'm four years post op and still get fatigued. The way I combat is take regular rest through out the day, I also have diabetes which is also part of my problem.

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