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Hi I have recently been to see gp after upper abdominal pains and intolerance to alcohol.

Gp said lft s were high and the apt and ast ratio was over 0.9

I have previosly had a full screen for auto immune disorders came back clear.

Had a liver scan 1 year ago showed NAFD

Now gp wants be to have a fiboscan I am worried.

I hardly drink alcohol but I am overweight bmi 30

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Don't worry about your BMI at present but probably best to cut out all alcohol. Fibroscan is quick and easy and is a good indicator of how your liver is. Good luck

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If you cut down on sugars carbohydrate like bread and potatoes and fats it will help with the NASH also if you can increase your protein intake you wiont feel as hungry and your weight may come down a little.


Dear Beckbeck

It is good that your GP is doing various tests as they do need to find out what is going on with your liver. The GP will probably have to refer you to a specialist to have a FibroScan test, though they can refer you directly to have an ultrasound done of your liver.

The best thing you can do for the time being is to look after yourself by eating healthily, taking regular exercise and avoiding alcohol.

We have information on our website on NAFLD and diet together with downloadable publications here:



Please do feel free to call our helpline if you have any questions.

I hope this helps.

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