I'm a little embarrassed about asking this but 4 months ago I was diagnosed with NASH. I am trying to lose weight exercise more etc. My liver has good & bad days. This week my husband & I had a serious argument. This is not rare in our 40 year marriage ! This time it was different because while we were full flight my liver seemed to twist & spasm & I felt quite sick. We stopped fighting immediately but it took a full 24 hours for my liver to "recover". Is that what others have experienced ? Could this be a new stress response ?

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  • i have heard that the liver is the seat of anger in chinese medincine. i dont know if its true but when i had active hepatitis c i was so angry at a lot of things that had gone down in my life. im sure when my liver is not in the best of health then i feel more angry and i can actually feel my blood pressure rising. some people are more aware of their bodies than others so for us who do know how we react then we can try to side step the traps and if we fail at that then we can get out of it much easier by realizing whats happening to us. wishing you well. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi gordses .sorry to hear about your diagnosis but you are on the right forum here. I have end stage cirrhosis. 9yrs now. I wished I could help with regards to this episode that you have had 🤔.. I can't say I have ever had this myself , yes I have had some sort of liver pain along with bubbling which I believe is due to the lactulose I am taking for hepatic encephalopathy.. maybe someone cab give you an answert to this, otherwise go and see your Dr just to check all is ok

  • Stress can certainly exacerbate symptoms - many of us will get that gut wrenching feeling if we are particularly stressed or tense. I know that both my hubby (who has cirrhosis) and I (supposedly healthy) but had gnawing stomach pains and were both physically sick after hubbies first benefits face-to-face.

  • Most probably adrenaline

  • Hi

    I too have Nash. I get intense pain, I've been told because my liver is so large and fatty it's stretching the capsule around it which is the part that feels the pain. I hope you feel better soon. Take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • I was told this is from anger tending your muscles, with NASH and advanced fibrosis the liver is starting to harden and develop irregular bumps,

    These rub against surrounding muscles making them sensitive so when they tense the pain can be extremely high,

    Not a doctor just saying what I was told,



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