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Waiting to Exhale

Besides all the wonderful side effects and surprises Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis produce, I was wondering if anyone else is having any lung problems ( I never smoked cigarettes ) The x-rays showed My liver is swollen to the point that it is making it impossible to exhale correctly. The pulmonary dr said I tanked the spirometer test ( I made a 70% in my mind I passed by a point ) but the good news no COPD or asthma or cancer/ emphysema etc... I am waiting for my nebulizer an medications which probably will help for several hours at a time. All though I have to say this not breathing properly does suck it's not the worst feeling /side effect yet.

Dwight Lee 🤠

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Have your docs mentioned or investigated for Hepato Pulmonary Syndrome ? - yet another wonderful side effect of cirrhosis.

Hope they get you comfortable soon.



Thank you, in reading your link we did discuss that right up to the point of my oxygen levels which are "on the low side but clinically normal by a point " the plan has been to use the inhaler with steroids but I since I didn't get any relief after 6 months we are going to begin breathing treatments with the nebulizer . Even with HE to use steroids and breathe or not was a simple choice for me. I have all the other symptoms for Hepato Pulmonary so with that added to the growing list of marvelous side effects I can't wait for what's next.

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My OH has been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension, he becomes breathless with exertion, but ok when resting. Caused by portal hypertension, this was discovered during transplant assessment tests.


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