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Good evening you lovely lot I have a question I've had to give up work due to all over pain and on going liver issues I've made a claim for esa they sent me a esa50 form I think it's called sent that off they have received it now I've been told to wait for a health assessment what's happens now as I'm worried they my stop money I definitely can't eork right now with all appointments my liver doctor said I looks like autoimmune hep can any shed some light on what I need to do xx

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The first thing you need to do is make sure you have up to date medical certificates from your GP. Make sure you send them to the Department of Work and Pensions.

After that, go through the form with support from the Citizens Advice. Its really important that you get the form correctly completed.




Little annoyed with my doctor told her I need my sick note for the 21st of this month but she wants to see me the 26th as I'm seeing liver speaclist 24th x

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Sorry - re-read your post. I see you've already sent the completed form

However, still ensure your certificates are up to date and see the Citizens advice. You must not attend any health assessment alone or without advice.

I hope you're getting all the support you need for your condition. Nobody should really have to endure constant pain. See your GP to ensure you have proper pain relief.

Remember that with liver problems, if you buy over the counter pain medication, you need to ask the pharmacist to help you choose something that wont' affect your liver.

Take care,



Ok thank you Jim xx

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My hubby was put into the ESA Support group without a medical due to ongoing medical tests and appointments and fingers crossed it's the same with yourself, however, prepare for a face-to-face assessment as it may come to that. If that doesn't go the way you think it should then ask for mandatory reconsideration (provide as much medical evidence in support of your claim as you can) and don't be put of if you need to go to appeal tribunal. DWP try and get folks to drop out of the process but the futher you go the greater chance of success folks seem to have.

I find great assistance from the Benefits & Work website, their user guides on form filling and attendance at face-to-face appointments are great. Invaluable for hubbies Personal Independence Payment claim too.

All the best, Katie


I personally have found the local " carers together" to be excellent form fillers

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