Hi just a quick one , hope everyone is ok and not doing to bad I'm posting this because I see my consultant last week , and I have ends take, anyway at the end of our chat he said I needed to lose weight I'm 6ft 3inches but weigh 19 st he has told me I need to lose up to 2st , now I've tried I can't exercise a great deal due to walking isn't great and the state of my liver and all the things that go with that so I'm asking if any one knows of a diet sheet for end stage , I eat very little as is , weetabix in the morning lunch maybe a crumpet and teatime a very small pasta meal or fish . All my weight is carried around my midriff, and chest area and I'm at a loss as to what else I can cut out I drink tea have 4 rich tea biscuits once a day and that's it , so any help would be much appreciated , I have my assessment for t/plant on the 30th of this month as well anyway good karma to you all bri.

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  • You will probably see the dietician as part of your transplant assessment and if this consultant isn't one at a transplant unit you may find they have a different viewpoint on your weight. If you are nearing transplant stage they MAY want you to keep some of that weight on as they will want you to have a 'reserve' to get you through the post operative period because people tend to drop lots of weight during and following the operation. My hubby was deemed to be malnourished and put onto a weight gaining diet plan to give him reserves if he had gotten to transplant stage, surgeon and anaesthetist both said they didn't care if he exceeded his BMI because he would loose it again as his health deteriorated (possibly) and post transplant he would need some reserves. He went from 8 1/2 stone to 11 stone gaining about 6 inches around his waist and they were absolutely delighted.

    A liver specialist dietician will be best placed to advise on what and how often you should be eating and whether a significant weight loss is desirable at this time & you would normally see a dietician at T/P assessment and subsequent clinic appointments and if you don't then request to see one.

    All the best for T/P assessment, hope it goes the way you desire.

    Katie x

  • Thank you for your answers makes a lot of sense . Xx

  • Everyone is different I guess but I was very surprised by what the dietician told me. I was expecting a bit of a telling off and a whole list of what I can't have. Instead it was pretty much the opposite. I love cooking and love eating. And am very partial to a few non healthy snacks, crisps and Haribo topping the list. But she said I was pretty much doing everything right but just said eat more of it. A couple of things suggested to swap to for example corn crisps or pretzels as opposed to potato.

    If I were you I'd hold off till you've seen the dietician at your assessment, like Katie says you may find they have a different viewpoint to what you've already been told.

    All the best


  • Thanks , love haribo lol.

  • Are you certain it's not acities? When I was ill I put on weight and was finally diagnosed with ascities. I was put on diuretics and lost 3 stone in 2 weeks. Also what Katie said. I was told to increase my calories when I was waiting for transplant especially protein. It would be good to talk to a dietitian.

  • I don't know I thought it myself but I'm on spirolactone and furosimide but I have gained the weight in the last 18 moths he does say I have some water retention in my belly area and my legs but says he's seen alot worse what ever that means I will see what the royal free say next week and take it from there thanks bri .

  • Hi, nothing much to add except to wish all goes well. I'd imagine your appetite isn't great right now, but wouldn't it be better to have a few greens, salad, etc, to give a bit of a boost? All the best.

  • Just have never been a greens lover or salads just don't like lol thanks bri .

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