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antibiotics, muscle wastage and fat absorbing issues

So came back from Queens Tuesday after a check up with the specialist and the dietician - dietician has put me on some antibiotics in order to help me avoid any infections, checked on my general health and state of mind.

Then over to the dietician (who I must say is perfect) who's put me on a protein supplement for muscle wastage and advised that I increase my protein intake 3 fold.

Also to avoid bad fats as it doesn't look as if the body is absorbing these properly and i guess it's just sitting there!

I'd tailored my diet previously so that I ate more veg eggs fish etc but now I need to tweak it a little more.

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Yes, the protein drinks are a very good supplement. As much protein as you can like beans, meat, fish and eggs, and make sure you eat before you sleep. Avoid fat and salt. The traditional idea of healthy fruit and veg and 5 a day aren't really a concern when you have a failing liver.


I've got a taste for avocado recently which I'm told has good fat too - salt is so hard to avoid I don't even know what's a good amount?!

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Salt is really not good for a bad liver. If you have ascities you need to leave out all processed foods and really stick to fresh meat and veg it's the only way to guarantee low salt.

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I was told I was malnourished, but I'd already been in contact with nutrionist after my consultant said I should have a sandwich in the evening and patted me on the back. I was on three drinks a day and they did help get my weight up, but after a while I couldn't stand the taste, so I throttled back, I found any complex/messed about food was bad, ditched marg for butter, tried non milk milks, but they are full of rubbish, so stuck with green top semi skimmed. Greek yoghurt is a good protein hit. I have lost a lot of muscle mass, and struggle to keep muscle on, I try and stay active in the hope it's helping.


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