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Rash starting on back - ??Cirrhosis of Liver

I am new here so sorry if bit lost. My husband has just shown me a rash on his back. He was told to cut back on drinking late last year as he has slightly fatty liver. He did but now drinking again. He also has very little appetite. Could this rash be cirrhosis of liver. Am going to make sure he gets to drs next week.

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Best port of call should be doctors, not sure about rash being a symptom of cirrhosis, however, his resuming drinking with a diagnosis of fatty liver could certainly lead to a worsening of his liver health. Fatty liver is the beginning of changes in the liver which if unchecked and allowed to continue can lead to fibrosis and eventually cirrhosis.

The British Liver Trust has a page specifically related to cirrhosis at:- and another about alcohol and the liver at :- .

Hopefully you can see doctor together and hubby can look at making a significant lifestyle change which will help his health to recover.



Cirrhosis or not this is an allergic reaction to alcohol in my estimation anyone who drinks alcohol is misguided in life and needs to find peace through other more spiritual avenues. Best wishes I would get it checked out it sounds abnormal and liver related indeed.


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