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Aches & pains

Diagnosed with Hep C in October and have found i can no longer tolerate fats, sugar and non organic dairy. Have also found recently my teeth have begun to hurt - a constant ache - and my dental health has begun to deteriorate as well even though i am quite fastidious about cleaning, flossung, etc. Could this be caused by the presence of toxins in my system?

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Hi there, sounds a very familiar story. I know with myself that fats where the first thing I noticed. I would get spots on my shoulders and small white head things on my chin area. hair would be greasy too.. I'd cut out the fats or cut down and within 24 hrs it would begin to clear. sugars.. processed white or normal brown aren't great anyways. I use molasses or dark muscovado when and if at all. I've mixed between a decent soya milk and a lactose free. But I also have colitis so it helps. You develop a sense of hearing ur bodies response to what goes in and how you cope with it. Be careful of medications that are contraindicated with liver disease too. We just need to become conscious and a bit zen on the liver.Teeth I'm unsure of.. Yes I have the problem but I was on a methadone script for many years and I had decay on the gum line. All in all though having this disease has brought me to a healthier place all round and it's the lifestyle changes that have sustained me through it all. hope this helps a little. 🙂


i used to drink lots of soya milk but have found out that a lot of it is genetically modified. i'v noticed that soya is in more foods today than it ever was. rapeseed oil , modified starch too.

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Selecting healthy foods from grocery stores is very difficult in this era, since so many of the products are actually toxic. Reading the ingredients can be scary, and most people do not understand them. This is intentional. There is one ingredient that reoccurs often: modified food starch. What we discovered in our research of it was disturbing. The only thing this label tells with certainty is that the "food starch" is not really food starch anymore. There is no definitive way to know what the derived substance is; but they would not conceal it if it were natural.

It is most often corn starch that has been chemically treated to change it into a thickening agent, emulsifier, or a stabilizer. It can be chemically treated in many ways, and for different reasons. Many of the foods are now being altered by being fermented with genetically engineered bacteria. Consumers have no way to know. The F.D.A. believes that people have no right to know, as is the case for radioactive foods, genetically engineered foods, and so on.


Hi grace, yes, I have done quite a lot of research prior to diagnosis re GM foods and have swppped as much as poss to organic. I don't eat a lot of meat and try to source from livestock not fed on GM foods, thankfully it is still possible to source non GM but given the secrecy around foods such as these it is quite difficult.


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