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I've been told I have a mildly inflamed liver from alcohol abuse. I've been told to cut my drinking down but now I've started aching all over especially my legs and I've had some pain in my stomach. I don't drink all day but do enjoy a few cans in the evening. I've also lost 2 stone over the last 2 years. Any advice would be welcome

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Hi just wondering what tests you have had done to get the diagnosis.

I've had numerous blood tests and an ultrasound scan

Hello there,

I'm pleased that you have posted here for advice.

Clearly that means you are concerned for your liver as it is now and for your future.

You say you have been diagnosed as having a problem with your liver relating to your use of alcohol. As one of many on this site, I also have had liver disease through the use of alcohol, so I do feel that I'm well placed to tell you what the future holds if you don't deal with your alcohol problem. As the recommended intake is 14 units per day, you probably exceed that with not much more than one of your acknowledged nightly sessions. You can find guidance about the safe use of alcohol and how to keep your liver healthy, on the British Liver Trust website.

In all probability, you are lucky and have been given a timely warning that your liver has been having problems with coping with your alcohol intake. Now you can make simple lifestyle changes to make sure you have a chance of a full recovery of liver function.

Please don't ignore the warning that your liver has given you. Otherwise, you could end in the same place as myself and others in this forum. My liver was too damaged by alcohol to ever recover and I had a liver transplant in March last year.

Perhaps your GP will be able to help you to control your intake with a referral to a local alcohol service.

In the meantime, don't worry too much and remember that some of the stories you hear on here are the worst outcomes and wont necessarily apply to you if you follow the advice you will get from others in the forum.

Take care,


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RHGB in reply to LAJ123

A small typo by Jim there, he meant 14 units a week.

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LAJ123 in reply to RHGB

Thank you ! Whoops !

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Morton365 in reply to LAJ123

There is no recommendations for alcohol units anymore

Must have been distracted as I'm watching the swimming at the British Transplant Games in North Lanarkshire ( Scotland)

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LAJ123 in reply to LAJ123

Yesterday, I won the bronze at table tennis.

I think you know what the response your seeking is, and that is Stop Drinking. It is the only way your way will get chance to improve and recover.

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Lazygirl123 in reply to Paulio

Hi Paulo

Have u been there. Did u find it hard. I don't even know why I drink it's just habit I suppose but yes your right, the only way is stop now that I've had a warning and before it becomes too late

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Paulio in reply to Lazygirl123

Oh trust me, I have "been there" - drank over 150 units per week for 30 or so years.

I stopped by willpower (after building myself up to it psychologically for several months before) and watching this chap's no-nonsense Video's on YouTube. (It's OK he does NOT try and sell anything and NOR do I !).

I hope it will work for you and if nothing else that you take something positive away from it. Best wishes, Paul.

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Lazygirl123 in reply to Paulio

Hi paulio,

Thank you so much for the video. I have a few questions if you don't mind, I'm sorry if I'm being noesy just tell me.....

How long have you been sober, did you get any withdrawals and did you have any medical problems

Thanks Gemma

It's ok to be 'nosey' Gemma. I don't mind at all and you are right to ask such questions.

I have been 'sober' (I call it, "I no longer drink alcohol") 18 months ago. I suppose i did get 'withdrawals' but nothing I couldn't handle by way of eating good food, plenty of fruit and drinking plenty of water and being 'mindful' of the fact that I no longer drank alcohol and allowing for that period of reflection, but I didn't 'dwell' on it.

I didn't get any untoward physical withdrawal. I had no 'medical' problems. Whatever problems did exist e.g. a high GGT count soon returned to normal a few weeks after I had stopped drinking alcohol.

My sleep patterns were quite normal within 3 days and now i never have any trouble getting off to sleep and getting a good night's kip

I think thinking of thinking about stopping and then thinking some more about it can cause problems in itself. Obviously, if you are worried about any medical implications about stopping drinking, I would urge you to seek advice from someone who is medically qualified, but then you know that anyway.

All the best Gemma and do keep up us posted :-)

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Lazygirl123 in reply to Paulio

Thank you paulio, you have helped me more than you will ever know. I will do. Here's to a brighter future. Take care x Gemma


Could you please explain what you mean by "there are no recommendations"


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