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HCC and prognosis

Hi all! My 62 y/o partner was diagnosed with HCC in February.He has at least four tumors,a couple of which are nearly 5 cm. He has undergone two TACE treatments He also has two tumors that don't quite meet HCC criteria. He has cirrhosis and is considered to be well compensated. His liver function tests are all practically within normal limits. However his platelets are dropping in the last reading was 88. His red cell counts also down. Not sure of what the progression of this disease is likely to be, and any comments of support would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to figure out what to expect.

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I was treated for a very small (1.8cm) HCC by a surgical re-section, ie removing part of a liver lobe plus the tumour. I was told at the time that this was the only 'cure' and i am now 6 years post surgery with no sign of a de-novo tumour at each and every 6 month scan. I dont have first hand experience of TACE but i believe there is a limit to the number of times it can be used. Usually the surgeons are not keen to operate on multiple tumours, its too dangerous as the liver is an organ that bleeds easily and heavily and with platelets that low he would not be considered for surgery for anything.

Sorry to say that the prognosis is generally not very good, as there is no chemotherapy that has proven to be a cure and no other treatment other than different types of ablation.



My husband had 2 tumours which were treated using TACE - they said that the tumours will be embolised. Being at end stage and very poorly conditions - low platelets as well- they managed to give him platelets and then treated the tumours. The adverse effect was that the liver took a really bad hit and he had is transplant no1 quite soon after it.

You should have a designated HCC Nurse Specialist - who should be able to support you through this and give you advice and guidance.

The remaining tumours don't sound like they will hinder a transplant unless they are large.

Has he been assessed for transplant yet?

Wishing you all the best - keep us updated.


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