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historical blood test records Pt 2

Hi, I just thought I'd post a quick update on retrieving historical blood records, and a quick update it'll be because quite frankly I feel like every door is being slammed in my face. Despite knowing my LFT's have been in question since I was about 8 yrs old there isn't anything 'kept' on file to back this up. All through my teens I was told about raised levels but it was never explained and it was just put down to 'one of those things' (no internet in those days so no way of finding out what raised lft's even meant!). I have now seen my medical files and the only historical info kept are pregnancy details and smear test etc....NO blood tests other then pregnancy ones, however, as a teenager I did keep a diary and when I crossed referenced dates I was told there wasn't anything stored on file and there wouldn't be because I wasn't given any medication! Expect I was at one of my blood test apps in 90, I was given an inoculation jab which when I pointed that out all of a sudden, in that split second that date showed up on my file, but apparently no blood test info for this date (not main file...small reference/index cards which I'll see for myself this week but I'm wondering if they're a sign that the rest of my records are archived somewhere..if they are I'm not being told where or how to go about retrieving them)....seriously this is beyond frustrating!!

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Sorry to b thick but what do you want old ones for? Have you got a diag nosis now ?cazer

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yes, sorry I should of linked this to my original post


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