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Hi, I posted 9 months ago a message about pain in legs and feet and it had 25 responses from people who suffered with the same.  I said at the time I would update all the sufferers of this problem where feet hurt if I had any news that would help.  So, here goes..had a severe situation with my feet upon waking and also during the night with a severe pain in feet especially the right one.  This had been going on for months but that morning was particularly severe.  I took 10mins of crying in pain just to put my feet on the floor and ages to go to bathroom then kitchen.  Went to doctors and he has given the problem a name which is 'Plantar Fasciitis' - hooray - a name at least. Various causes, immunity problems, diet, liver problems (my ears pricked up) and I am seeing him about cortizone injections tomorrow.  I promised I would update you and I know it has been a long time since my post but I suffered that long until Monday when feet blistered on left as well.  If this has helped the 25 people who posted then I am so pleased as at least you can tell your doctor. 

Best wishes


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That's interesting Jules as I had exactly the same problem last year and the GP told me the exact same diagnosis. I was in agony and couldn't walk. I went on the NHS website and you can buy special insoles etc to put in your shoes. I actually tried the old fashioned remedy of rolling an empty jam jar underneath both my feet which was recommended. I was sceptical, but it actually worked. I am now free from pain and didn't need to take any pain killers. It did take about a month of rolling the jar though to notice a difference, but fingers crossed it hasn't come back.


Hi, thanks for message. What worried me most before diagnosis was a lady who was in hospital the same time as me - us both having liver failure and she was worse than me and I was pretty ill to say the least and everytime the doctor and his team would go to her they would make a big point of checking and asking her about her feet.  I wondered at the time why.  My problem has been getting worse now and walking in the morning is torture but the info you have given me is very useful indeed. Thanks again



you can also use a tennis ball or any ball this is good for wakening the nerves in the feet.

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