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Hello, my wife had a transplant in dec 2014 for seronegative acute liver failure with undiagnosed background PSC. She's been back to hospital 7 times, currently in at kings for last 10 days. She's had cmv multiple times and is just being treated for it. However, the consultant thinks she also has something called antibody mediated rejection, it doesn't normally happen with the liver but is more common with kidney or heart transplants. Apparently it can resemble biliary complications, this figures as she has high bilirubin and is slightly jaundiced. I thought it might have been PSC coming back  

I was just wondering if anyone else had any experience of this type of rejection. I found some scientific literature detailing some cases, but it doesn't look like there is an agreed way to diagnose or treat.

 She is only 32, but the Drs say young women sometimes face more difficulties with rejection due to having the strongest immune systems,

Many thanks

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Dear Strangecarr,

My husband has been back in and out of hospital many times post transplant X 2  - so I can understand a little bit of how you would be feeling right now.

My husband had cmv a number of times and it took them giving the 'drip' meds rather than the tablets - valganciclovir. 

Sending you lots of positive thoughts...

Yours truly,



Hi Strangecarr

So sorry about your wife. What are their plans for your wife? I can imagine how scary it must be.

Hoping they can stop it all and she will make a recovery soon.

Best wishes


My husband is going through this right now - exactly the same condition, PSC with CMV and antibody mediated rejection - what was the outcome for your wife?


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