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Still no answers!!

Hi all well the wait continues for just a little clarity. Ultrasound done but no idea when results will be reported as hospital could not tell me so I hope no news is good news. ALT nearly normal, GGT and ALP unchanged and remain high. All symptoms remain the same but the back ache is worse. Have now seen 4 GPs in my practice as I can't seem to get the same one twice despite asking and being prepared to wait. All say different things so am really feeling like I am living in limbo 2 of them say take pain killers  2 say don't with the last one even giving me a prescription for diazepam which I informed him that I can't take as it makes me unable to function properly and I have two small children to look after so have not got that one yet. Oh and he even suggested that I have a sore throat that I don't know about that could be causing all other symptoms which I find quite funny as if I get a sore throat I know it last time needed ENT and IV antibiotics as within 3 hours of getting a sore throat it nearly closed completely am still hoping they will remove tonsils at some point but that's another story.  I have been more pushy asking questions and trying to give them more family history as my paternal nan has had 4 cancers in the last 10 years one being kidney cancer which was removed 8 weeks ago and my Grandad having COPD and my other nan dying of liver issues ( non Alcohol related ) but it falls on deaf ears. Any suggestions as to what to do next? As I feel like they see me as a time waster.

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x-ray for the back ache?


Thanks for replying when I first went to the GP X ray and bloods were ordered but when the blood results came back the 2nd GP cancelled the X ray and went with ultrasound I have asked if they can send another X ray request but am still waiting to hear back. I am sorry to keep moaning on as I know from reading other posts that there are so many people in far worse situations than myself but some sort of answer even if they admit they don't know what is happening would be better than nothing.


It's very frustrating, did they say anything at the scan. Do you know if they scanned your kidneys, they prob did. I'm thinking because your ALT is nearly normal that this could be more kidney than liver, especially as you have back pain. You could request bloods to check kidneys (creatinine levels) Your ultrasound will tell a lot so just keep chasing up the results for that because sometimes they take a while to send results through.


Trying to guess the GP thinking..... Would it be fair to say that the GP is now considering abdominal and liver investigations to take priority over the back pain?  

Which concerns you most? The lack of further obvious investigations into the back pain (which took you to the GP initially?).... or the slow pace of the eliminating tests on your liver and abdomen?


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