Ascites drain


Hubby just had a visit from the district nurse and she recommended having a permanent ascites drain.

He has had four drains whilst in hospital but 2 of the didn't work and caused him a great deal of pain.

Has anyone had a permanent drain before?

What does it entail?

How do they replace the albumin?

Sorry for all the questions. Thank you in advance.


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  • There are two standard procedures they may try TIPS and DIPS, DIPS being the newest and with less associated problems. TIPS you have to take care as if your husband gets HE it can make it worse.

    There is also the alga pump option. This is used in certain UK hospitals, but very few at present but is a great option.

  • My hubby has the drain every 10 days they are trying to come up with an alternative drain we are hoping for a permanent drain will let you know. X

  • Thank you. Xx

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