firstly I wish you good health I am a man aged 39, father of a daughter aged 2 and a half, I suffer from chronic hepatitis B. I discovered this disease just a few days after the birth of my unique little girl March 3, 2013 I have not yet started treatment .until now the situation is being monitored by my doctor when my next appointment with my doctor will be the October month to make my blood tests on my liver I hope all this his pass well with my goal I would like to participate in a clinical research study to allow researchers to conduct thorough research and find an effective drug to combat the disease and limit the suffering of around diseases especially children infected with hepatitis b Pourr this I ask you if you have information on these studies planned in the future you pous can contact me on my mail: I would be available at all times for these studies . thank you very much to support you

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  • Dear bahsou. There are already a number of drugs that can treat hepatitis B. I wish you good luck in finding a doctor who will put you on one of these drugs as soon as possible. That way you and your liver will stay healthy enough to see your little girl grow up.

  • Thank you very much dear Bolly , i quite agree with you these drug can reduced inflamation but they do not permanently treats the more drugs have remarkable négative effect on the liver so i hope from my heart that researchers can find the drugs as reseachers egyptians they arrive reantly to devlop a drug capable of permanently treating patients infected with hepatitis C even if the cost of expensive drug then i congratulate the patients infected by this virus and i hope of all my heart that one day the resarchers manage to discover a drug efficace and month of the side effectes on the liver to treat hepatitis B and other diseases like vih..... finally i ask you for to excuse me if i note in this message information not correct.

    My greetings

  • Dear Bahsu.

    Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B are different and require different drug treatments. Hepatitis C has been curable for many years, initially with interferon and now with drugs that prevent replication of the virus and can cure the patient in 12 weeks.

    As I understand from your first post, you, like me, have Hepatitis B. The drugs we take are antivirals. They are not designed to "reduce inflammation", they work by suppressing the virus and preventing the virus from replicating.

    I'm sure pharmaceutical companies continue to research new drugs, but I do recommended that in the meantime you get yourself on treatment with an antiviral such as Lamivudine. Also I recommend you have your immediate family tested and vaccinated against Hep B. Good luck.

  • Hello Bolly thank you still on your supports and also on your advices now J have an idea on the drug which treats our disease I just to tell you if you allow that J do not have the drug yet because my last result of biopsy was A1F1 and my viral load was 2500 and according to L opinion of my doctor J do not need for L urgent for treatment except that J waits the days to come to know if J would need drug or No with regard to the test of my family and the vaccine against L HEPATITIS B .or my wife made the test of L hepatitis B twice the first it was pregnant and the second time after L childbirth of my daughter is the results of these two tests was negative I thank my god then Q my wife is vaccinated directly after L childbirth 3 times for 6 months and for my daughter during the first week of its birth all is vaccinated has the time against L hepatitis A and B. and here is dear Bolly all my history with L hepatitis B and J would like to know the experiments of the others to create D a strong useful relation between the patients is important. stay in touch and good luck with you too...

  • Dear Bahsu. I don't know what country you are living in or where your doctor is, but with a viral load of 2500 in the UK you would be put on antiviral treatment, now, today, immediately. At that level your liver is being damaged daily by the virus and will only get worse. I would be tempted to find a different doctor/hospital who will put you on Hep B treatment. my viral load was only 123 and I developed liver cancer.

  • Really dear Bolly your message too shocking for me really I am sorry for you because your disease developed has this stage J hopes for the good for you and J will like to know how that occurs the things with you if you allow me J lives the town of Marrakech in Morocco My attending doctor  is a specialist in liver and I am under his monitoring since March 2013 the date to discover my disease I remember well qu it m said once the danger starts when the quantity of the virus in blood from 2000 while increasing for my case the maximum is 2500 

    After it did it descend until 1600 then m said qu it should be waited a little until the virus avtive well for me prescribes the drug because C is a malicious virus but I just to understand you and at the same time to make the comparison with your case??? In any case tomorrow J will consult another Medical specialist of liver for I catch up with if there is an error of diagnosis and for treatment made by my doctor I thank you much dear Bolly. Expects my news......

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