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Doctor from the hospital rang and said I have HEPITITIS A

Hi all, I've wrote before saying I had food poisoning etc from going to an Indian restaurant three weeks ago, I went yellow, so went off th EAU - who ran all sorts of blood tests, etc and they said I had viral HEPITITIS, due the food poisoning. But they were doing Pacific blood tests and I had an ultrasound scan the next day.

WELL, a Dr from the hospital rang, this afternoon to say that I had HEPITITIS A - due to the food poisoning, and they would be contacting the public health department, and I asked about the scan results, which he said, it had showed my liver was inflamed, and when I go next week to the outpatients clinic for more bloods, they would sort out an mri scan!! He asked how I was feeling, etc which I said fine, but my husband wasn't feeling well, and he said they didn't know if he had caught something off me and we have to go tomorrow for blood tests for him, in case he has caught it off me, sexually.

I just hope that it hasn't done a lot of damage to my liver! I haven't had a drink since that night and I am eating healthy, as I'm trying to lose the ten pounds, I put on during a holiday in March.

Has anyone else had HEPITITIS A, as the doctors said it's quite rare, but it does work it's own way out, but can take upto six months! But it might have caused damage to my liver.

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Dear kaz124,

There is some information about Hepatitis A, how it is caught, treated and the longer term effects on our website:

Hepatitis A is usually a self-limiting condition (this means that it resolves itself within a few weeks) however, you may feel unwell for quiet sometime afterwards. It is usually spread quiet easily so please do not prepare and food or drinks for people while you have symptoms and for a couple of weeks after it has cleared.

Also, it is advised not to go to work or any public places while you have hepatitis A , this is because it is easily spread through contact with others.

Hepatitis A is like having severe food poisoning but for some especially those who are pregnant or have long term illnesses or liver problems it ca be more serious.

Family members, friends and close contacts that may have come into contact with the virus should all be tested and vaccinated if they do not have it. Once it has cleared those who have had it should be immune (protected) lifelong.

I hope this helps? If you would like more info please do not hesitate to contact me on here or the British Liver Trust: 01425 481320.

Kind Regards

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Information Manager

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Thanks sandy for that, I feel fine now so think I had the worst of it a few weeks ago, but worried as my husband is having the same symptoms apart from the initial sickness, we are going this afternoon for him to have his bloods taken, so hopefully will know more soon.


not hep A but went though similar case when diagnosed with Hep E. Dr said it was rear in this country & contacted Public Health who came to see me. sounds like A is similar to E -symptoms etc.. make sure you have Hep B. boaster as with me we are prone to infections at present, eat healthy, exercise & do not drink alcohol. for more advise search for British Liver Trust or if you have time consider doing this great online free course i am doing it & have found out a lot more information than ever did from Dr


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