Adverse side effects on Sofosbuvir and Ribavarin

Was wondering if anyone has had serious adverse side effects on Sofosbuvir and Ribavarin used to treat HepC and what support they had been offered? And also prior to treatment were they fully aware of the side effects?


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  • CookieCrumbles I can't believe you are asking this! It is a bit of a shock to me. I want to see the replies you get. If you check my name out you will realise why. I will keep in touch, promise.

  • Hi I started the Sofosbuvir/Ledpasvir and Ribavirin treatment on 01/04/15 and up to now have not had any side affects to talk about. Mind you I've told myself I am NOT going to have any and that it IS going to work. I'm am up there with the positive thinking. Lol. I am back at my local hospital where I am being treated for thr Hep C on Wednesday so will know more then when bloods are done. I am then back at my transplant hospital in another two weeks as they want to check bloods too. Will keep you informed how things go. :-D got to keep smiling.

  • Ribavirin did make my husbands platelets go down... also itching on the legs...


  • His treatment was before transplant - the treatment caused the liver to regenerate - forming tumours which had to then be embolised...

    I have heard lots of positives about it though... Good luck


  • was there a proven link between the sofosbuvir and the tumours

  • No... My husband's liver disease was already very bad so there is no way of being 100 percent sure... There is a theory that the liver tries to regenerate when there is less hep c around... Best to ask your consultant.

    Best wishes


  • Side effects ahhh....normal lft's and undetectable after 2 weeks! started 2 dec 5 weeks to go,only good stuff to say

  • Getting Harvoni Bunny so very Happy..but not right now..although i have cirrhosis people that need treatment ASAP will get it Riba to take just 12wks of Harvoni..hoping to be treated before the end of this year..happy days bunny!

  • bloody wonderful mate!

  • Hiya well just left a comment about this4 Scotty....hubby died 10wks in he was in immense pain by wk 5/6 wasn't taken seriously at all & local hospital A&E kept him waiting 4 treatment on 1st visit 4 nearly 19hrs.. The cure came frm Nottingham & we live in Boston...they knew nothing & because we couldn't get 2 Nottingham. hr & 20 min drive I feel he was Ignored & he rapidly became2 sick2travel because of feeling sick all time..all they wanted2 do was give him painkillers & anti sickness pills which is more poison4 body... The ambulance man who took him2 hospital 2 die thought he had been infected coz my hubby spat abit while talking2 him coz never had his teeth in....I feel very very very let down & when I got a nhs condolences letter frm specialist in Nottingham not even signed by her well.. But I am grieving... So I could b biased... The protocols in USA r very different frm here & I hve heard of another similar death in South UK frm a family member involved in aftercare.. It's not 4 everyone..same as everything & Pros&Cons need2 b seriously weighed.we received nearly no support all round except on telephone & we never dreamed he could just die....... Sorry if it's not wot ya wanted2 hear...

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