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Liver cirrhosis

I got diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in February , had bloated stomach for years doctor put it down to acid and prescribed me with omeprazole , I got the feeling it was always fluid and got very bad at Xmas with fevers and pains went to hospital for guided tap ,and realised the next day I went back the following week for a check up and had a blood infection treated with antibiotics, and a infection on a hernia ,that was on the 24 Feb, and heard nothing back since worst thing is not knowing what is happening next any advice (thanks

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Who made the diagnosis of cirrhosis? If it was a liver specialist at a clinic in a hospital, did they not give you a follow up appointment to the original diagnosis appointment for ongoing monitoring?


Kelly, You need to make an appointment with your GP and ask for a referral to gastroenterology or hepatology consultant. Take a friend with you (moral support and remembering the discussion). It is no excuse but your GP may be waiting to hear from you.

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My father seems to have some kind of portal hypertension and has produces some recanalization. Some doctors not liver specialists were quick to label him with alcoholic liver cirrhosis. As others, my recommendation is to go to a hepatologist and have all the corresponding labs tests. Furthermore, you may want to read some journal articles, they are mind boggling but if you stay on it, eventually things start making sense.


You need to be referred to a liver specialist who will be able to carry out further tests to determine how bad your cirrhosis is and if you will require a transplant. If you are drinking alcohol you must stop immediately,otherwise you will be lucky to have a transplant.


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