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Awaiting first FibroScan

Hi all,

I am scared. I have my first Fibroscan next week and am nervous about the result.

I know I have fatty liver at the least, but do not know the extent. My liver blood values were okay, but one of the NASH blood results was high. I know I have had insulin resistance for as long as I can remember, but never took it seriously. I am 38 now and kicking myselffor not taking this seriously before. I cannot drink alcohol as it makes me sick so I know this is not alcohol related. From my limited research so far, I believe my insulin resistance (syndrome x) is a major contributing factor and, of course, my poor diet of carby foods.

Does anyone have any words of advice for me? I could use some support or even just some reassurance. Thank you so much...

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Sorry to hear you feel so bad .

I can't help regarding Fibroscans as although my husband has been through transplant

he never had one.

But I will say that you must keep positive as the state of your mind affects your health and you don't need to exacerbate the situation.

So chin up and soldier on and take each step as it comes.

Good Luck

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First of all don't be scared, whatever the result it will give the doctors more info on how to treat, which is a good thing. I think you already know you need to change your diet - one book I read was interesting and I thought gave good advice "you can reverse a fatty liver" by Dr Sandra Cabot. There is a lot of informative reading out there, either online or in books.

Best of luck for next week. A xx

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Good luck. You have a lot of support out here. Do not cut out the carbohydrates completely as they are needed for the diabetes - just be selective as to which ones you are having. So you need bread, potatoes, rice etc at meal times.... but not the sugary carbos. I have a similar diagnosis to yours - I have never been a drinker - before the 1990's I would have less than a bottle of wine a month (and none before that) and certainly no alcohol for 20 years or so. I also have NASH. My disease has progressed slowly but steadily and is now cirrhosis, I still get annoyed when people assume that anything related to the liver is lifestyle related such as alcohol, etc. What can you do to help? Keep active - nothing startling in the way of keep fit, but walking, swimming, cycling, that kind of thing. (If you are not at work in the daytiime and live in England look up walk 4 health on the computer). Eat sensibly and be guided re diet by talking to your specialists. Keep us in touch via these pages.

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I have had a Fibroscan and it was 4.2kpa and slightly over normal fat. The fact your liver enzymes are normal is a good sign, it means no inflammation and should therefore mean no scarring. The Fibroscan measures fat aswel as scarring, so you will have some numbers to work with.

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Hi Itsmebaby,

I agree with many of the comments on here, it is important to stay positive and finding out more information on your condition can help inform your doctors/ care team about the best approach to your care and treatment.

A Fibroscan is a painless, non-invasive imaging test, a little bit like and ultrasound scan and it measure the amount of liver stiffness, or scarring you may have. Like an ultrasound scan, the Fibroscan uses sound waves to measure the speed at which they move through the liver using sonogram. The wave speed is used to determine liver stiffness, the more scarred the liver the stiffer it becomes and the stiffer the liver the quicker the waves are reflected.

Insulin resistance is a well-known risk factor for developing Non-alcohol related fatty liver disease. It is important that you control your blood sugar levels as best as you can, eat a healthy diet and do exercise where possible, to help with you liver health and insulin resistance. For more information on Non-alcohol related liver disease and diet visit our website: or I can send you copies in the post?

Best Wishes

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Information Manager

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Thank you all for your replies. I had my FibroScan and received a score of 9. The technician said that I do have fibrosis. I am definitely scared and lost right now. Overwhelmed is a better word.

I am carefully reading over your posts and trying to calm down as best as I can. I have a five year old daughter and want to be there for her when she grows up, so I know I need to change my lifestyle. Do any of you know how much is reversible?


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