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I'm enamic I got my test done with iron level 11.5 & sum liver level 16. Doc said either I'm diabetic or got to much colestrol on my liver

what liver level is this plus it's symptom and causes? I will be more sure and relived if any experinced doctor, voulenteer from the medical feild or medical student who have studied or known about this problem can give me an approprite answer.

Also any one who is or has been suffered through this condition can reply too.

Please I need the reply as quickly as posible so I can take any actcion regarding to my problem. I will be very Thank full to you.

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I don't understand these levels of things, all she told me was 20% was working, and then said I was A now C witch is a bit better now. I have no idea what it all means, if you know could you pass it onto me thanks x


I just recently find out about my condition, further is that I am now being told to cut down on carbohydrates such as potato, rice, bread or chappati and pasta cz I have got to much fat on the top ov my liver. This condition happens when u became per-diabetic and I have recommended to do cardiac exercises. They have refer me to the specialist but I haven't got appointment yet. R u goin through the same problem as mine.


I would have a long conversation with your gp asking for more information on iron and sum liver levels. I had liver failure which resulted in a transplant and do not know what a sum liver level means,the phrase is one I have no knowledge of. I would also do my own research using google search and my library to give me more knowledge on my condition. You may be starting,if you have liver failure,on a long journey and I wish you the very best of good fortune.


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